5X Return on EDDM Cleaning Postcard

Neighborhood EDDM Postcard

I sent out 2100 of these 8 x 10 inch postcards on Monday and booked 11 jobs so far.

Does EDDM work?  It works well when you do it right.

Yes, this EDDM postcard gets a great return every time I run it in my company.

And every time one of my clients run it correctly, they get a great return too…typically a 4X RETURN on their advertising investment. But results do differ and you could do better or not as well.

What makes this EDDM postcard work?

In this EDDM postcard, the message is all about SOCIAL PROOF.

The entire message is about proving to the homeowner that we have recently cleaned in their neighborhood.

We do this by putting up a picture of the house we cleaned or something in the front of their neighborhood.  In this case, we put up a picture of the neighborhood sign.

This gets ATTENTION and PROVES you were in the neighborhood!

How many times do you get a postcard with a picture of something in your neighborhood?  Seldom.

When a homeowner is thinking about hiring a service, she wants to know who her neighbors use.  This postcard tells her.

How could you make this postcard respond better?

You could include a testimonial of your client on Marcus Pointe Blvd.  To make the sales message even better, include a picture of you and your client by the testimonial.

What else was done for a better response?

We gave an offer of 3 FREE gifts with any minimum cleaning purchase.  You don’t have to give away this much, but the offers we gave strategically promote cross-selling of our other services….not just carpet cleaning.

We explained WHY we were giving the offer.

We boasted and gave specifics about our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We want them to know they can trust us.

We gave a deadline.  This offer isn’t good forever and we want them to not forget about it.

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