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Get Multiple Rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing

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...Expensive pay-per-click that leaves your wallet empty

...Advertising that costs a fortune and can be very risky (in fact, this is almost free)

...You won't need ANY web design experience or training to design AMAZING websites that can be up, looking good, getting listed on Google, and pulling in sales

This is all about FREE TRAFFIC that gets the closest thing to FREE MONEY when you put the system to work for you!


Dear Fellow Cleaner,

Chances are you've heard about my wildly successful Internet training programs. They've been such a huge hit because our students get results!

Results that bring them clients WITHOUT spending a small fortune on ads...

Results that bring quality repeat clients that build a cleaning business...

Now here we are in 2011. Everybody wants to rank in the top ten of Google.  The search for carpet cleaners on Google in many large cities exceeds 5,000 searches EACH MONTH!

People are "Googling" local cleaning companies MORE often than they are looking us up in the Yellow Pages.

Getting found on Google is FREE. But you have to know the right tricks to get there.

Some cleaning companies are paying SEO pros thousands of dollars each month to get ranked. But with my new program, you can easily see how to get ranked MULTIPLE times all by yourself.

Why You Should Believe Me

Here's a screen capture of how my sites rank #1 in Google for FREE…

Taking the Top of Google


Yes! That's 7 rankings on the first page of Google for the search in my city. And I've helped my clients and members get multiple rankings in their city.

Multiple rankings=More $$$

If Google is the best way to get clients for little money, why not TAKE ALL THE TRAFFIC?


Here's What Some of My Clients Say...

I love working with John. He has helped us to reach # 1 in google searches. I always recommend John to all my clients.

Dusty Roberts, Rugbadger Corporation

“I want all the other carpet cleaners out there to know what a fantastic experience I have had with Hitman. John is fair, easy to get along with, has been there for years, and most of all gets me results. Ive tried many others, with lots of empty promises. I trust John with my multimillion dollar carpet cleaning company and so should you. Thanks so much!!!”

Brian Curran, Chem-Dry of Richmond



So what is this course about?

tickYou'll create fully professional looking websites in minutes on your own domain the EASY way

tickYou'll get to put up as many websites as you want for ALL your services. Get one for each service and get MORE traffic.

tickYou'll pick the best keywords for your service (using the killer techniques I'll show you)

tickYou'll find out the EXACT FORMULA I use and other SEO Pros use to rank a Wordpress website on the top ten (I'll show you all the tricks)

tickYou'll find out how to DOMINATE page one of Google (Yahoo and Bing too) for your keywords using Wordpress as a weapon.

tickYou won't need any special software or training. It's easy. If you know how to send and email, you can do this.

And the best part is, you don't need to know ANYTHING about web design or SEO. You could be an Internet novice. If you found your way to this web page and you know how to send email, I can teach you to do this.

What is Wordpress? How Will it Help Your Business?

Wordpress is a website template system you can use to easily build your own website. It's hands-down better than any other website builder program out there.

And the best part is Google LOVES Wordpress. The search engines love to rank these sites.

I'll show you all the EASY ways to use Wordpress for multiple search rankings.

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The "Take the Top 10" Eight Week Course Outline

Module 1: Putting Up Your Own Wordpress Site. Here's where you'll see the fast and easy way to put your sites up. Then you can put up as many as you want for each of your services.

Module 2: Customizing Your Wordpress Site. This is where this training REALLY starts to come handy. I'll walk you through all the easy ways of tweaking your website site so it looks great.

Module 3: Maximize Wordpress for Search Engine Ranking. Getting a Wordpress site to rank in Google happens FASTER when I show you these tips and tricks.

Module 4: Promoting Your Website to Get Ranked High. This is the part where I show you how to get hundreds of links coming to your cleaning site so Google wants to rank you.

Module 5: Using Videos For Traffic and Ranking. The great thing about Wordpress is you can EASILY add videos, pictures, and text. Here's where I show you how to easily use videos for better ranking.

Module 6: Using Social Media Sites For Multiple Rankings. Discover how to get rankings on other websites. This is all about getting "referrals" from another website and skirting off their traffic.

Module 7: Taking the Top Ten With Multiples Listings For Your Site. Get listed two, three, four, six, or take the whole top ten if you want! More traffic= More $$$$$

Module 8: Tying it All Together: Dominating the Conversation. You'll make much more money when you dominate the conversation. Why have only ONE Google ranking?

* All Modules are taught on an exclusive members only website.

So Here's the Program Details...

Register right now and you’ll immediately gain access to the member area. This is a password protected website where you get all the course materials.

Here you’ll be able to start watching all the training videos and reading all the reports. 

In addition, we’ll be holding regular LIVE Question and Answer Webinars.  Hop on these webinars to get the answers to all your questions.  You’ll watch my screen as I instruct you.  I’ve found this to be an excellent way to learn.

Lifetime Alumni Status  (come back every time the "Take the Top 10" program is offered, and get all the latest updates completely FREE!) Because you've already become a student, you can attend the class over and over again at...NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

You can sign up right away. Just click here.

Here's What Members Have to Say...

“Thanks John.  I followed some of the advice you gave in the Get on Top of Google class and it took my website from #8 in Google to #1 on Google in my city. I'm glad I got in this course.”

Ron Holt, Two Maids and a Mop
Serving Alabama and Florida

“I've got to tell you I am absolutely thrilled with the content of your classes and open sharing of your extensive experience on the internet with your students, as well as the great handouts & video. Looking forward to the remainder of your classes.  I am confident the knowledge I have gained from your instruction will be worth many times over the modest enrollment fee.”

Jim Fox, Dirt Busters

October 27, 2009

"We met and got to know John a couple of years ago when we were actively participating with Howard Partridge and the Knights and Inner Circle groups.

John designed a new website, CarpetCleaningAthens.com, for our company back in 2008 and we have been very happy with the results. We receive approximately 3 inquiries daily from the link on the website and have had several comments recently that it was very helpful and informative.

We also use several of John’s newspaper articles. We rotate them weekly in our local newspaper, and have been pleased with the response from them as well.

We are very happy with the work that John has done for our company and would definitely recommend his services."

Best regards,
Joey & Janet Conglose
Certified Clean Care

“I've been attending your search engine optimization class and it has been a treasure trove of information. I've implemented a great deal of what you have taught and I am listing much better in Google already. Thank you for your quick responses to my questions and I appreciate the quick way you put all the class materials up on the web so I can go thru the class again at my leisure. I look forward to signing up for more classes with the Hitman.”

Thomas Dunne, Dunne Cleaning Specialists Inc.


What the So-Called "Experts" Won't Tell You

This isn't some advanced internet marketing "get rich quick" program.  You've seen these before online and on television.  You may have even tried a few of them out.  I have too.  But frankly, most of it didn't apply to a carpet cleaning company.

I'll show you what works on the net for a local cleaning business.

The internet is hands down the best return on your advertising dollar.  The return can be as great as 60-to-1. 

That's $3,000 for a measly $50 spent on advertising.

"John, Just wanted to say thank you..  You are doing great stuff for us in your class..  To date: Have had one article written, created a Ezinearticle account, haven’t posted yet, created a blog, set up some adword ads, and last night pasted in Google analytics code into my web page… "

Mike Rauscher, Spic and Span Cleaning

"John, I just wanted you to know that I am doing my first website generated job today. It's a $615.00 job. On Yahoo when I look up carpet cleaning Bakersfield I am on the top of the list. That feels good! Thanks."

Eric Kidwell, Kidwell Brother Carpet Cleaning

"Your Internet Training Class is an exellent investment and an awesome way to promote your website for higher search optimization. The class is worth every penny I invested which is really not a whole lot. You don't have to be a so-called computer expert to understand the material being taught. this class is geared for the non-computer geeks, every weekly module that you teach us is easy to comprehend and implement."

Mike Cardenas, My Steam Cleaner, Inc.

Saves You Time and Money!

You've got three options:

1. Do-it-Yourself WITHOUT help. This is VERY time consuming and could cost you even more money.

2. Hire someone else to do it. This is another option. But BEWARE. Most of the companies calling you on a daily basis are scam artists. Only trust someone you know.

Want me to do it ALL for you? We have programs for that, just email me.

3. Do-it-Yourself WITH help. This is where my new "Top The Top Ten" Course comes in.

I take out all your guesswork and time-consuming trial and error.  I’ve had a direct hand in personally helping hundreds of cleaning companies with their websites.  I know what works and what doesn’t work better than anyone.

Order "Take the Top 10" now by clicking here.


Get on Top of Google DOUBLE TIME Guarantee

Now let me be honest, simply purchasing this training series won’t get you multiple rankings in the search engines.  You’ll need to put in action some of the things I teach.  But it’s easy.  If you can check email, you can do the stuff I show you.

And since this course includes having us build an actual Wordpress site for you, we can't offer a money back guarantee.

But just so you know you’re purchasing the best internet training for cleaners, I want to make a special guarantee…If you show me you’ve applied a few of the things I’ve taught in this course and haven’t gotten at least one high ranking, I’ll take the money you spent on this course and allow you to apply it toward having me personally do Full Service SEO work where I do it all for you (*certain restrictions apply).  And you still keep the course.

How’s that?  If it doesn’t work when you do it, I’ll do it for you.

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Until Later,

John Braun
Ad Hitman

P.S. This is bar-none the most cost effective way to get new clients. You can easily be gettings tons of clients from the search engines. And if all else fails, you've got my DOUBLE TIME GUARANTEE. You can take the money spent on this course and apply it toward Full Service SEO by the Hitman any time. Take action NOW!

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No thanks John, I'd rather pay you to do all the work for me.


Get More Rankings NOW and Make More Money!

“NO ONE has better skills at SEO than John and his willingness to help you succeed at marketing in general makes him an indispensable coach.”

Jesse Moon, The Noble House

"John, I wanted to thank you for all your help with the site and the assistance with the links and everything else you have done. I know you went over and beyond in helping me and from one business owner to another Thank You." #1 in Google "Carpet Cleaning Paradise Valley" #3 and #4 for "Carpet Cleaning Anthem"

Rick Lane, Fresh Start Carpet Care

“John has been a great addition to our team. He set up our websites and does great SEO work that keeps us in the eye of our customer base. I highly recommend John to any other business people who are considering him for consulting services.”

Ed Dillon, All Phase Carpet and Upholstery

"Hey John Braun, All I can say is WOW! Your link exchange really DOES work! I too was skeptical, but man was I wrong. My search engine standings have improved tenfold, and the phone is ringing. Glad I decided to sign up. Thanks again. You ARE the man!"

Dominick Cassano, Magic Carpet Express


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