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Testimonial for John

"I want all the other carpet cleaners out there to know what a fantastic experience I have had with Hitman. John is fair, easy to get along with, has been there for years, and most of all gets me results. I’ve tried many others, with lots of empty promises. I trust John with my multimillion dollar carpet cleaning company and so should you.

Thanks so much!!!"

Brian Curran of Chem-Dry Richmond


From: John Braun- Internet Marketing Guy for Cleaning Businesses

It's so cheap, you'll kick yourself if you don't take advantage now.

You can get a 40 time return on your investment---or more.  Any business man would be crazy not to put a small portion of his advertising budget into internet marketing.

And now, I'm going to show you the best way to invest your advertising dollar.

This is the quickest, easiest, most cost effective way to give you the best ranking in both Google and Yahoo.

The Dominator Program is NOT...

I want to make sure I don't mislead you as some scam artists do who call or email you to sell website ranking "miracle" plans for the low price of $30-100 per month. Please don't be confused.

In this program, we do much of the time consuming, behind the scenes stuff that can be difficult for you to find the time to learn and to do.  But this is NOT a full service SEO package.  I do offer full service SEO as part of another program. 

Yes, the Internet Dominator program is GREAT if you're willing to roll up your sleeves and do a few easy tasks. It's also great if you're in a small to medium size city. You can save lots of money.  My more expensive programs do everything for you. But I'd rather show you how to do the easy stuff and in turn charge you a fraction of the price for saving me time.

There will be a few easy things you'll need to do to get your site ranking on top of Google.  But don't worry…its easy and I'll show you waht to do.  You'll get all the links and a step-by-step guide.

If you want full service optimization entirely done for you...

Yes, we can do full service optimization for you too. If you'd like to see more details on full service optimization see These services range from $300 - $1,500 per month.

But if you're interested in a less costly route, read on... 


I've had a website for my local carpet cleaning company for 12 years.  A few years ago I didn't give much thought to the internet.  Sure, we got a couple jobs here and there.  But it did little more than pay for the hosting and the time spent working on the site.

But over the last couple years I noticed a trend.  Instead of booking one job every few months, we started booking a couple jobs a month.  Soon we would book a couple jobs every week.  These days, we book 6 - 12 jobs in a week solely from the internet. And my company services a city of only 80k in population. You can do even better in a larger city.

I know.  A few jobs a week isn't that big a deal.  But here's the good part...

It's probably the CHEAPEST ADVERTISING you can do. And, more people are searching online for carpet cleaning companies every day. The internet is the new yellow pages. More and more people are using Google instead of phone books.

"This Internet Domination Package is a fabulous idea."

Howard Partridge,
#1 Management Consultant
For Carpet Cleaners

Here's what you'll get:

  • Search engine optimization - First, the keywords on your site will be optimized so search engines will rank you higher. Plus, your site will be put on a special network that gives it better search optimization.

  • Continued optimization - Many companies charge $1,500 or more for a one time shot for optimization. Then, a few months later, your search engine ranking decreases. I will provide you continued optimization at a low monthly cost.

  • Link building to increase your site ranking - We'll regularly continue to build links for your site to help promote it to the top of the search engine rankings. The longer you're in the program, the more links you get and the higher you'll rank.

  • Website hosting included - I provide the hosting for you. Hosting can easily cost $10-20 per month, but you'll save your money because your hosting will be provided for you.

Hear What Super Star Carpet Cleaner George Grijalva says...

"Brand new website ranking #1 in Google for the searches in Athens, GA."

See examples and options for website designs at the bottom of this page.

  • Design a new site - Now's the time to get a new site developed using the template of one of my cleaning sites. Sign up now before our coming price increase. Even if you already have one website, having two will give you better chances in getting ranked in the searches.

  • Renew your old site - Or, if you want to add up to THREE pages and make changes to an old site, I'll do it for you at no extra charge when you sign up.

  • Continued maintenance - Once every quarter, if you need to make a minor change to text or add a picture, you'll get the change FREE.

  • For a VERY LIMITED time you will get FREE streaming video for your website. Soon the price for these videos will cost you an addiitonal $100

"John, You Rock!!!!! Both of my sites are ranking great in Google. One is ranking 1 and 2. That same one is ranking better than my other one is in a different search. My other site is ranking 5 and 6 but that is because the first site is ranking 1 and 2.

I just booked a job today from a google search and had 3 other inquiries in the past 2 days. I am excited to listen to the recording of the internet marketing class when I can get to it.  Keep up the great work! I intend to dominate this area on the internet. Thanks for all your help."

Tracy Osborne   

You can take advantage of the most profitable advertising there is today.  What I love about the internet is that once you get a website set in motion, it's there to constantly bring in new clients.  You don't have to do anything else except answer emails for estimate requests.

And the best part is, if a prospect has spent enough time looking at your website to call or email you, they've already been sold.  They're hot and ready to buy.  The internet really is the golden goose of advertising.

Oh, did I mention how cheap this is compared to yellow pages?


"John, I just wanted you to know that I am doing a website generated job today. It's a $615.00 job. On Yahoo when I look up carpet cleaning Bakersfield I am on the top of the list. That feels good!

Yesterday I got another job from my website. the guy moved here from L.A., to oversee 3 of his families grocery store. They own 47. He said that he could tell from my website that I was very professional. One of his brothers had recently used a franchise company and they did a lousy job. He said he would rather pay a more expensive company to do the job right. Thanks for making my website so professional.

By the way I have been getting even more jobs from my website than usual"


Eric Kidwell

"Well what can I say other than, this worked. The links page that I have put up is now on the first search page when searching for carpet cleaner in my city.“

Bruce Humphrey

If you need a cheap way to get a steady stream of quality clients, this package is for you.  If you're tired of prospects calling and brow beating you over your price, a well written and designed website can help solve your problem.

Is your website already in the top ten on Google but you're not booking jobs?  Can your prospects go to your site and fill out a form to get an estimate?

I will add an estimate form that can triple your internet response. Plus, I'll revamp all your headlines and make your website easier to navigate.

With this program, your carpet cleaning business website will be operating at full throttle, bringing in a steady flow of new clients.

Now you can do all this without a HUGE expense.


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that the activity I'm getting through my new website and Google Adwords is better than I anticipated.  I have gotten several online estimate requests in the last week and a couple of phone calls as well.  Believe me, this is already better than anything that I tried in my first year of business.  Why didn't I do this sooner????

Thanks for all of your help!! 

Mike Mancuso
Mancuso's Ecoclean, LLC


You'll get ONE website up and running, all designed for you.  If you already have a cleaning website, you can get get a second to be listed more in searches.  Or, you can get your current website revamped and improved with opt-in forms, estimate forms, crisp graphics, and headlines that sell. I'll personally look over your site and spruce it up.

If you're wondering why you would need an additional website, do a Google search for "Carpet Cleaning Pensacola."  My company websites (I have 4) come up 3-4 times in the top ten.  Do you think this gives me an edge on the competition? You can have the same edge I do.

Your site optimization will all be done for you.  You'll get to the top of Google and Yahoo.

You'll get videos, audio, and teleconferences to show you how to better market to existing clients and referral sources via the internet. 

The internet is already taking off. Get a high ranking website and STOP losing money.

One of my clients asked me why I was charging such a small price.  He was currently paying $300 a month for optimization from an "SEO" company.  They hadn't done a THING for his website.  He wasn't even showing up in the top 50.

It gets worse. I know cleaning companies who have paid $1,000 per month and more for search engine optimization. The sad part is, they rarely got any return for their investment.

"It's simple", I said.  "I'm not doing this to make a quick buck.  I have a lot of friends in the cleaning industry and I have a very good reputation.  I want to keep it that way.  

Plus, let this be no secret....I want your business for other advertising projects--both online and offline.

Sign up right now and you'll get these TWO FREE BONUSES:

Free Bonus Gift #1 ($49 Value) A recording of my recent Roundtable presentation where I reveal "How to spend little money on advertising and get BIG returns." In this presentation I covered how to get huge returns with direct mail, newspaper, and internet marketing.

Free Bonus Gift #2 ($150 Value) Repeat client advertising package. You get 4 newsletters and 2 postcards already written and layed out for you in Microsoft Publisher or Word. Use these template to "snail mail" your current clients for consistant advertising return.


Get Your Site Ranked High in Searches Now


How much money are you losing because you're not marketing properly online?  The companies that show up in Google's top 10 are having a field day taking all your business. 

I've made my own cleaning company websites give HUGE returns for the money, I've done it for hundreds of other cleaners, now I want to do it for you.

Start getting business from the internet now!  Get your website optimized now and keep it on top of Google.  To get started, it only takes as little as a $497 initial set-up and optimization fee. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of getting jobs on Google right now!

With this low of a price and no-risk offer, it's really easy to start getting new clients from the internet.  Sign up now. 

Best of Success,

John Braun

P.S.- Start taking advantage of the most cost effective advertising possible.  Get your website to the top of Google and start booking jobs from the internet.  Don't wait.  This special pricing with the two bonuses are only available this week.

P.P.S.- When you sign up right now, your first month hosting and optimization fee is FREE. So click the link below now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What else is included with my monthly fee?

At start-up, your site is optimized with the best keywords possible for cleaning businesses. I have a HUGE advantage over other SEO Pros, because I've probably gotten more cleaning websites to the top of Google than any other SEO pro around. Most SEO Pros are too lazy to REALLY find the best keywords in each niche the deal with. After the initial optimization, your site is put on a special link network to give you better optimization and continuing optimization is done for your site to get it to rank even higher. You also get the option of hosting (this alone can cost $10-20 per month) and continued optimization to get your site ranked higher.

Where do I get my site hosted and who puts the site up? 

Your hosting fees will be included so you can save the $10-20 or whatever you currently pay per month for hosting.  We put the site up for you after we create it or spruce up your existing site and optimize your site to rank high on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

So why would I want two websites for my company?

Having two websites will give you twice the chances of getting business from the internet.  Search for "Carpet Cleaning Pensacola " in Google.  My company web sites come up 4-5 times out of the top ten.  That means I'm getting close to half of the business possible on the internet.  And here's the best part….IT'S SUPER CHEAP compared to any other form of advertising.

Will you add an opt-in box for my website email list?

Absolutely. First, you'll need to sign up for Constant Contact. Then email me your opt-in box code that you set up in Constant Contact (call their support if you need help with this).

Will you create the estimate form so prospect who come to my site can fill it out for an estimate? Will it get emailed to me once someone chooses our company?

Yes.  It's an online form.  See the FREE estimate area on the main page at  Yes, the estimate will be automatically emailed to you.

Do you create the best keywords for me?

All the keywords will be done for you.  I may have to ask you a few questions about your area to get this done.

How long until this program starts working?

It depends on the size of your city and which keywords you choose.  Most of the sites I've put up are in the top ten in Google within a few months (Yahoo usually takes longer).  A few sites take a little longer.  It depends.  If you live in a large city, it will take longer to rank highly.

What about your Full Service SEO? Can I switch to that after I'm in the Internet Dominator?
Absolutely! Some clients try the Internet Dominator Program (shown below) first and then decide to jump into the full service SEO program to really beef up their online search ranking. In fact, many instances, this is a good idea for a brand new website.

What guarantee do you make for the Internet Dominator "Light Optimization" Program?

With Google, there can be no guarantees. But we are able to get many sites to rank with this program. Try it out. If your site doesn't rank within a few months, cancel at any time. You are under no contract or obligation whatsoever.*Some restrictions apply in large cities such as Atlanta, Phoenix, Miami, Las Vegas, Houston, Denver, San Diego, Chicago, Jacksonville, and other cities with over 400,000 population.

Click One of the 2 Start-Up Options

Click here to orderBasic Website

5 page direct response Wordpress website with a blog created and up to two pictures on each page with a layout like or

For $797 you get a new website built for you that includes initial keyword optimization. Continued light optimization (ranks your site higher) is only $57 per month.

Click here to order

Click here to orderAdvanced Website  

10 page direct response Wordpress website created for you with a few extras like a peel back, fly-in ad, or LIVE chat. As well, you get up to three pictures on each page and a custom header at the top. See examples at or or

For $1097 you get a new website built that includes initial keyword optimization. Continued Light SEO is $57 per month.

Click to Order Here

NOTE: The website packages above are our template packages. You can add more pages at around $100 per page and even have a completely customized site at an additional charge. After your site is optimized or built, you'll be enrolled in the Internet Dominator program at only $57 per month which includes continued light optimization, hosting, and some site maintenance. You can cancel this monthly service at any time. There are no commitments, but since it REALLY helps your site ranking you'll probably want to keep it.

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