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RE: Getting the commercial accounts you REALLY want

Dear Fellow Cleaner,

Cleaning companies can turn their business around with the right advertising.

This isn't something I talk much about.  But in my first year of business, I landed a couple commercial accounts that got my business over the newbie hump. 

One of the accounts was a large law firm that we did every single month.  And after we were familiar with the building, we'd make on average $250 an hour cleaning with a portable machine.

Steady, reliable work…These people NEED you!

Since this Law Firm was one of the most respected firms in the Northwest Florida area, they had to ALWAYS have clean carpet.  It wasn't an option for them.

This is NOT about…

…Cold calling that wastes your time (yuck)

…Mass advertising that wastes your money

…You don't need a website or any other advertising experience

This is all about TARGETED MARKETING to the key commercial prospects you want to service!  You hand pick them.

Not Cold Calling?

I don't deny cold calling can work.

But the problem is you look desperate when you cold call.

First, business managers want to deal with companies that are successful, not those who are desperate and need the work, right?

When you make a cold call, your prospect assumes you are not busy and you need work.  If you were busy, you wouldn't have time to randomly call or visit businesses.

When you randomly cold call you leave room for the business owner to haggle with you and resist your price.  I mean, after all, you're letting them know you're desperate, right?

Cold-called prospects know you REALLY need work.

Don't Be Easy

They'll think you're easy.  Easy to hire, easy to cut your price, dictate payment plans, schedules, etc.

Why doesn't cold calling work well?

Because it violates a golden rule of marketing.

The rule says: "It is better for them to come to you, rather than for you to go to them"

Marketing consultant Pete Silver coined the rule.  It's called the Silver Rule of Marketing.  And it's a rule I've always lived by in my business.

It makes lots of sense. 

I'd much rather have potential prospects come looking for me than me looking for them.  If they come looking for you, they are the one in need.  If you look for them, you're among the needy.

When the prospect comes looking for you, you can charge what you want.  You make up the rules and conditions.

Besides that, you only have so many hours in a week.  When they come looking for you, you'll have prospects lined up to do business with you.

But how do you get commercial prospects to look for you?


There are two ways to cost effectively do it:

  1. With targeted, strategic direct mail campaigns.

  2. With strategic Internet marketing tactics.


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When a commercial prospects finds out you are the go-to guy in your city for commercial cleaning…YOU WIN!  And he'll hire you in a heartbeat before the lowest bidder in most cases.

You'll be perceived as an expert.  You can charge what you want to charge.

It's all about solutions to problems.  Once you can identify the problems a commercial manager has with their flooring, you can give them the solution.  They'll use your service.

Sign up now and you'll IMMEDIATELY be taken to the member page to get access.

Until later,

John Braun
Ad Hitman

P.S. You know you can always use the regular income. This entire system is all about getting commercial clients easily and profitably. I'll show you everything.

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