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John Braun- Ad Hitman

Here are some sales tools that will help you sell MORE services at a higher price.

Browse the brochures below by clicking on any brochure. Then order below. After you order, tell us which brochure or brochures you want. You get ONE brochure with each order.

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Carpet Care Brochure (Sells fabric protector benefits too)
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Mold Brochure
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Water Damage Brochure
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Tile Cleaning Brochure
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Pet Odor Removal Brochure
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Area Rug Cleaning Brochure
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Upholstery and Leather Cleaning Brochure
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Commercial Cleaning Brochure
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Dear Fellow Cleaner:

It's no secret. If you want to charge higher prices, you need brand yourself as being "High-end."

One of the best ways to get HIGHER job tickets, BETTER clients, and MORE referrals is by using effective, educational brochures.

Sell More Cleaning Services!

Use your brochures to SELL your cleaning services and make MORE money.

Give these brochures to your technicians to use as a sales tool. Train them to use your brochures along witht the sales presentation.

When the client sees the sales message along with an explaination from you or your tech.....BOOM...SALES HAPPEN.

And top dollar sales too. Do you think a tool like this would help to sell an $800 pet odor removal job or a $4,000 water restoration job? You bet.

Pretty pictures and graphics don't sell. It's the sales message that sells. Put this system in place along with your technican and you'll look more professional and sell more services.

***First time I've offered this***

Up until now, the only way you could get any of these brochures was to be a member of my Ad Club. But now, for a short time, I'm allowing any cleaning company to get in on this.

Get brochures on carpet care, tile cleaning, area rug care, water damage restoration and more. It's designed for you with your own company logo and information.


How does this work?

First, browse the brochures above and decide on any brochure.

Order at the link below and then let us know which brochure you want.

Email us your logo and company contact information. If the brochure you selected has specifics steps in the cleaning process, email us your steps if you want us to change what is already on the brochure.

Give us a few days to get your design complete and then we'll email you a proof.

When you approve the proof, we'll print as many as you like. You'll get your first 1000 full color, glossy brochures included. If you'd like to get 2500 instead, it's $50 additional. If you'd like 5000, it's $100 additional.
You also get the template in PSD or Publisher format to use for future reference.

Browse the brochures above. Then click the order button below. After you order, tell us which brochure or brochures you want. You get ONE brochure with each order.


You Have 3 Options:

Option #1: Click Here to Order Any One Brochure


Option #2: Click Here to Order 3 Brochures and Get 1 FREE


Option #3: Join the Ad Club to Get One Brochure Designed Each Month

Until Later,

John Braun

P.S.  I'm only offering these for a limited time so you'd better hurry.  It's rare that I make specialized ads like this available in a package outside of my coaching club. So order now before this page is gone.


"John, I have always found your products, services and advice to be top notch! "The coaching club" has done wonders for my online presence. Presently I spend about $25 a month on internet stuff like domain names and the rest of the work I do myself. With your awesome information my ROI is through the roof. THANK YOU If anyone has doubts contact +Services Etcetera Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning through and I will tell you just how fantastic John's courses are! Big bang for your buck! Best investment I ever made! Thanks again John!"

Robert Martin- Services Etcetera Carpet and Upholstery Celaning


"Just an fyi, I did the winter is tough handwritten newsletter sent to 650 of my clients and i tripled my january sales for residential cleaning and i added a 50% off carpet protector for minimum four rooms cleaned and that brought the sales up enough to cover the extra time spent on freebies was thanks!"

Greg Leslie- The Clean Co.


"I have found John Brauns Ad of the Month coaching calls to be very informative, educational and energizing.  They're packed with helpful ideas, many of which I have successfully implemented.  I highly recommend it."

Ken Celebucki- All Clean Carpet Care


"I got to know John a couple of months ago and decided to give his service a shot. He is very thorough and very good. He is reasonably priced and produces great work. In my experiences with John he does what he says and the ads produce and produce big."

Kevin Pearson-Professional Drying Equipment


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