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Right now is a very crucial time for planning your marketing.

Do you want to start spring cleaning at the beginning of March or wait until April?

The first few years I was in business, I sat around and waited for the spring rush to come.

And it eventually came…but it did NOT come as soon as I wanted it.

So then I put a few marketing techniques in play and WA-LAH…spring cleaning came earlier.

I just shot this video that explains and gives you examples.


P.S. This works to get spring cleaning jobs booked even in snowy areas. In fact, I have a specific advertising piece in the video for areas where it snows.

P.P.S. The main goal is to get them calling EARLIER and get your schedule BOOKED NOW. That’s what this is all about.

What Do You Do When the Cleaning Business is Slow?

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Cleaners ask me this question at least a couple times a week this time of year.

“What do I do when business is slow?”

#1:  Double your referrals

#2:  Get more frequent cleanings from clients

#3:  Get BIGGER job tickets.

It’s all done with one simple marketing method:

* All of the most successful cleaning companies I know do it.

* Most cleaners I’ve seen do this have doubled their business.

* This always brings a more stable, steady income.

I wrote a special report for you to get FREE here that shows you.

P.S.  Would it help if 80 – 90% of your clients used you again and your clients never forgot you?


3 Cheap Ways to Get Cleaning Jobs in Winter

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It’s still winter.

…and it’s going to last for another month and probably more.

Here’s a video I just shot for you that laser targets your EXACT ideal clients.

These are prospects who:

* Are very likely to call you

* Have the money to hire you

* Can bring you big job tickets

I’ll show you how we use the 1, 2, 3 punch to laser target our best prospects for little money.

P.S. This kind of campaign can be done in the dead of winter for as little as a few hundred dollars and yield BIG returns.

P.P.S. One of my clients used one of these tactics and got a 5000% return on his advertising investment.

Winter Marketing Plan for 2017

Just updated my Winter Marketing Plan for 2017.

Every December, I tweak this plan so it’s got the most up-to-date marketing tactics to help you stay busy in winter.

It’s FREE and it’s posted below for you.


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Also, keep watching your email. I’ll be sending out a series of Winter marketing tips over the coming weeks. And soon, I’ll be doing a Free “Winter Marketing Prep” webinar.

Marketing Calendar for Cleaning Businesses

An Ad Club member recently asked me to put together a Marketing Calendar to see a plan for the entire year by dates. So here’s the marketing calendar. This will put the whole picture together for you in a snapshot.

I thought this would be a good start to the year to get some guys thinking about how to plan their marketing. I’ll be putting out my updated Winter Marketing Plan pretty soon with some specifics on these tactics.

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Cleaning Success Interview with David Hebert on Commercial Marketing

David Hebert lives in the wintery state of Massachusetts.  He uses his commercial cleaning accounts to keep his cleaning company busy throughout the winter.

In this interview, David talks about what he uses to get commercial cleaning accounts.  He talks about everything from how he gets in front of the gate-keeper to what he says once he gets there.

Listen to some of the tips he gives in this interview:

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Commercial Cleaning Marketing Webinar Replay [Podcast #26]

Here’s the replay:

Download or listen to the audio below:

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How to Get the BEST Commercial Cleaning Accounts

When I started my cleaning biz, one of my TOP goals was to get commercial accounts.

I knew regular, predictable sales would help me build a steady business.

*** The BIG dive EVERY cleaner fears ***

What happens on Dec 26th?  Your sales dive unless you do something now.

Commercial is a great way to fill that void because many businesses have their new budget for the year open and have the money to hire you for cleaning.

Why not get in on the commercial action this January?

Getting PROFITABLE commercial work takes marketing know-how.

You need to target the RIGHT commercial account with the RIGHT message.


The Good News: 

* There ARE commercial accounts that will schedule during the day!

* They WILL hire you in January and February

* They WILL pay you within 30 days or less!

* Many of them NEED cleaning during the week 9am – 5pm.


What question do YOU have about how to get the best commercial clients?

Ask me any commercial marketing question and I’ll answer it LIVE.

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P.S.  Ask any question you like about how to get the BEST commercial cleaning accounts that you REALLY want.

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John Braun’s Presentation at the Ice Cleaning Expo in Las Vegas [Podcast #25]

Listen or download the audio presentation below:

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have you part of what I’m doing in Hitman Advertising.

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to help cleaners all over the world grow their cleaning biz.

I thank you for helping me do what I love to do.

I want to give you the recording of a presentation I recently did at a national cleaning convention.

I’ve only given this out as a bonus to a few other clients. But I wanted to give it to you today because it goes with the subject of neighborhood marketing that we’ve been talking about lately.

You can see the video and/or download the MP3 audio and listen later.

Yes, it was recorded LIVE at the Ice Cleaning Expo.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Let your family and those around you know how much you love them today.

Holiday Postcards that Bring NEW Clients & Get Old Clients Back

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One of the best times to be in the cleaning business…

…It’s the holiday season!

I LOVE online marketing in my cleaning business.

It’s cheap, but it has limitations.

What I found that works best is a healthy mix of both online and offline marketing.

For most of your clients, you’ll often have better success marketing to them offline.

Especially during the holiday season, this is the BEST time to do postcards.

For most of your clients, you’ll have better success marketing to them offline.

Here are some examples of great holiday postcards.

This month and next are some of the BEST months to advertise. People are getting ready for guest and they need you to help them prepare their home.

All you need to do is communicate the benefits you’ll give them and let them know how you can help meet their needs.

P.S. Yes, use this to get NEW clients. Then use this to build up your brand with your existing clients to get MORE referrals and repeat business.