Killer Advertising for Cleaning Businesses

“Make More Money in Your Cleaning Business”

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Reviews by actual readers who operate a cleaning business:

Christine Snyder said, “I loved the book, I have been in the Cleaning Industry for 14 years, and some things I have done in the past and I also learned some new things. It was an easy read with lots of ideas. I recommend this for everyone to read.”

Sean R. said, “I keep reading this book. So much great information and the guy has so many other strategies you can get.”

Jonathan said, “This is a good overview of how to successfully market in the cleaning industry. I loved the ideas for commercial marketing!”

Jason D. said, “I have personally implemented a lot of these strategies and have had great success! Easy to read and easy to implement!”

Sam Jaramillo of Las Vegas: “Written so people can get a good understanding of advertising in the cleaning industry. I wish I had a book like this when I was starting 20 years ago, I didn’t and I let the social media and regular advertising get beyond me, this book has helped me get marketing things in line.  Thanks Mr. Braun.”

Jeremy, a reader who owns a cleaning company in Florida, said, “It not only explains different advertising strategies, but also psychology behind why they work and specific suggestions on how to implement them. I like the example of how to write a marketing ‘strategy statement’ other ideas I will use in my carpet cleaning company. Well done, definitely worth reading. With a book like this, one idea implemented can make your company more money.”

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