New Guide to EDDM for Cleaners

Cleaners Guide to EDDM

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EDDM is working better than ever before.

I get all kinds of questions about EDDM.  Which, if you don’t know, EDDM is the BEST way to mail to the neighborhoods you want to target.

EDDM, known as Every Door Direct Mail, remains to be one of the BEST ways to reach high-end clients in select neighborhoods.

I get all kinds of questions about EDDM, so I updated this report to answer for you…

* Which postcards work best for a cleaning business?

* How much does EDDM cost?

* What size postcards can I send?

* How many can I send at a time?

* Can I see examples of good EDDM postcards?

Some of the information here has previously only been available to paid coaching clients, but I’m giving it to you here at no charge.

See the new report above to help you use EDDM profitably.

You’ll get a good walk-thru of how EDDM works for cleaners. I updated it to show you the latest way EDDM work and give you some ideas for marketing this fall.

The newly updated report helps you use EDDM effectively in your cleaning biz. It’s free and an instant download.

Download the 16-page EDDM guide above now.


  1. I really like your program. I am interested to hear more. I am more of a talk type person. So I can get all the details. I have seen you in the past when I first start my company 3 years ago. However was reluctant for whatever reason. But I am interested in your system. and want to know more.

    thank you

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