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My heart goes out to Texas and South Florida.

I live in Northwest Florida, so I’m watching this hurricane closely too.

I’ve been there…done that. It wasn’t fun.

Three years ago, my city suffered major flooding.

So I passed out this simple flyer to about 100 homes.

It got me $32k in water restoration work…with a cheap, black and white, ONE PAGE FLYER.

You can download the flyer template here.

I’m giving this out FREE for all the cleaners and restorers in the hurricane ravaged areas. But it’s also a good piece to keep on hand because you never know when an emergency will hit your area.

P.S. I’ll also show you a version of an EDDM and client postcard that got another $30k in business.  Plus, you’ll see an excellent educational brochure on water damage restoration.

P.P.S. Download the flyer FREE! Plus, you’ll be able to watch a video I shot on how you can tweak this flyer to customize it in YOUR business.

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