Ice Cleaning Expo Presentation [More Cleaning, Referrals, Big Jobs]

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John Braun Speaking at the Ice Expo

John Braun Speaking at the Ice Expo in Vegas

I just got back from the Ice Expo for Cleaners in Vegas.

I met so many cleaners in different stages of building their business.

The conference had educational events, speakers, and booths geared to help cleaners grow their business. If you didn’t make it, I recommend you go next year.

I was honored to be the first speaker to open the event. I got so much feedback from attendees on how my presentation helped with ideas to grow, that I decided to shorten it and record it for you.

So, I packed my entire 50-minute presentation to give you all the cliff notes in this short 20-minute video. It’s condensed down to the meaty stuff.

See the video above.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

* Build a predictable business by getting clients to call more.

* Add to your client list by getting more referrals.

* Increase your revenue by getting bigger job tickets.

This is the stuff that great cleaning companies are made of. Tons of ideas here.

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