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Get Referrals and Frequent Cleanings

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This is the perfect way to…

* Get more referrals

* Inspire your clients to clean frequently

* Market your cleaning service on a small budget

Every cleaning company, from the smallest start-up to the largest, should be doing something like this.

See this video at the page below:

I’ve been using one of these strategies for years with great success. The second is a brand new strategy we just started using.

P.S. It’s so cheap and easy to do, it makes perfect sense. It’s only a matter of getting it done.

Cleaning Success Interview With Jeremy and Stefanie Overturf

Listen as I interview Jeremy and Stefanie Overturf of Overturf’s Floor and Fabric Care. Click play to listen now or click “Download” to listen later.

*To download directly from iTunes, Click Here.

I interviewed a couple who owns a cleaning business in Florida.

They started their business from scratch and built it up to be one of the biggest and most respected cleaning firms in their area.

I totally love some of the marketing they do on Facebook. When it comes to marketing to Realtors, Flooring Stores, and their current clients, they do it right.

So I had to interview them.

You’ve got to hear what these guys did to build a successful cleaning business.

How do you grow? Find out what other successful people are doing and then do what they did! It’s that easy.


Summer is the Best Time for Realtor Marketing

It’s Summer.

This is the busiest time for buying and selling houses. It’s warm outside and parents can move their children to a new school.

If there’s ever a season to get referrals from Realtors, it’s NOW.

See my action plan to get referrals from Realtors:

Three things to concentrate on:

1. Know what to say when you met a Realtor. Have a quick 60-second pitch memorized. Tell them how you’ll help them sell homes fast with your guaranteed odor removal and stain removal systems. Tell them about your guarantee. Tell them about your referral program that gives them an incentive to refer you. In the referral program, maybe give them a 10% reward of what their client spends on cleaning, give them $20 in cash, or whatever you choose. The main point is to tell them they will get thanked in the form of a gift when they refer you. Keep your pitch to 60 seconds!

Watch this video I did right after a Realtor luncheon.

2.  Leave behind literature and cards. You can tell them about your service, but if you don’t leave behind something for them to give to their clients, you’ll lose. Have professionally printed, educational brochures and cards to leave them.

See examples of gift cards…Click Here.

See examples of cleaning brochures Right Here.

3.  Go with treats. Never stop by empty handed. Stop in with a gift bag filled with brochures, gift cards, pens, and pre-packaged cookies. Put in a couple of pre-packaged cookies like Famous Amos, Oreos, or Chips Ahoy. Maybe include a few individually wrapped chocolates too. The gift bag lowers their resistance to your sales call. Everyone loves cookies and candy.

Watch this video from last week on what to include in the gift bag.

If you’re going to get referrals from Realtors, right NOW is the best time.  Go out and do it!

Carpet Stores, Realtors, and Other Businesses Refer You

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You’ll be set if you can get referrals from a company who does business with your ideal target clients.

Who are some of these companies that can refer you:

* Carpet and Flooring Retailers

* Realtors

* Interior Designers

* Plumbers

* Vet Offices

I’ve gotten $1k+ jobs and lifelong clients from each of these companies.

Find out the EXACT process I used in the video above.

P.S. Concentrating on getting these businesses to refer you is one of the best ways to make your cleaning company UNSTOPPABLE.

Promo Card to Get Referrals for Cleaning

Click to see larger.

Click to see larger.

You can use gift cards to target the EXACT clients you want.  Use this to get more referrals, commercial work, and clients in high-end neighborhoods.

We LOVE getting referrals.  So we do everything possible to get more.  The best thing about a referral is the prospect is already sold on using you before they call.  Most of the time there is no in-home estimate or price haggling required.  Just set the appointment and make money.

These gift promo cards are viewed to be MUCH more valuable than a coupon or even a FREE room of cleaning offer.  They look like a real gift card and, for all practical purpose, we treat them like a real gift card.  The only difference is we give some special exclusions on the back of the card to keep the offer from getting abused.

3 Ways to Use These Cards:

1.  Pass them out to businesses who can refer you to their clients.  We pass them out to flooring retailers, realtors, interior designers, plumbers, maid services, builders, property managers, and other places that can hand you NICE jobs.  We pass them out at their office or we’ll send a few to them in the mail along with a letter that gives benefits of how we can help them.

2.  Hand them out at networking events.  Why give out plain old business cards when you can give out gift cards?  Go to networking groups as the bearer of gifts!

3.  Distribute them to high-end neighborhoods.  We send these out in a letter that gives compelling benefits of our service. We also use these in doorknob hanger packets.

Back side. Click to see larger.

Back side. Click to see larger.

It’s one of the CHEAPEST tools to promote referrals and set yourself apart from the competition.  I’m all about setting my company apart from my competitors.

We use them in different dollar amounts…$25, $50 and $100.  The potential job that can be referred depends on the amount.  For example, realtors normally get $50 or $100 gift cards.  A property manager who rents small homes may get a $25 gift card.

These cards are printed up to look like actual gift cards.  But they’re really a thick, glossy, larger business card.  Upon looking at the card, they look like a gift card.  But when you hold it in your hand it doesn’t feel quite like a thick, plastic card.  It does the job at an economical price so we can afford to pass out thousands of them all over the city.

2 Ways to Get these Gift Cards:

1. You get the template for this gift card and BIG discounts on printing in my Ad Club.  Get details by CLICKING HERE.  Get 1000 of these glossy, thick gift cards printed for just $32 + shipping.

2.  Or, for a limited time, get this template custom graphic designed with your company info for $99. Then get 1000 of these glossy, thick gift cards printed for just $32 + shipping.  Order Info Click Here.

See this video on how I used these cards at a Realtor luncheon.

Referrals from Realtors for Cleaners

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How do you get referrals from Realtors, flooring retailers and other business owners?

See this video above I just made where I tell you a story of what just happened at a Realtor luncheon.

What the Realtors ate up just may surprise you.

I was invited to this luncheon.  Most of the other vendors simply showed up with their business cards.

But not me!  Nope!  If I was going to take the time to go, I was going to get some referrals and make this event productive.

So what did I do?  I gave out gift cards and more.  See the story in this video.

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My Referral Marketing Strategy

What’s your system to get referrals from cleaning clients?

As we quickly approach the BUSY season, it’s a good idea to plan for getting referrals now.

Listen to this 12-minute podcast I recently did outlining my referral system.

You’ll get referrals automatically if you do good work. But having a solid system in place to get referrals can easily DOUBLE the amount of referrals you get from your clients, carpet retailers, flooring retailers, plumbers, realtors, and interior designs.

Listen to the podcast below:

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Reminder postcards and referral postcards for cleaning business

1000 glossy, 4×6 inch postcards printed for $37 or 5000 for $99 +shipping (price subject to change).

You can get as many printed as you want or you can print them yourself.

Referral Postcards for Cleaners

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How are you getting referrals?

I hope you’ve spent quite a bit of time thinking about this.

Referrals are the BEST way to get new clients.

Do this right and you can have…

1 new client = 3 potential clients.

Then turn the 3 NEW clients = 9 NEW potential clients.

See this video I made on using postcards to double referrals.

P.S. The busy holiday season is right around the corner.


Now is the time to start planting seeds for the harvest.

Reminder Postcards Make Your Phone Ring

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Reminding your cleaning clients they need you is the most important advertising you can do.

I love reminder postcards for TWO reasons:

1.  You can use them to bring a surge of clients calling you when business is slow.

Just keep a stack of these postcards ready to go and send them off to clients who used you one to two years ago.

2.  They are cheap! This is the cheapest, effective advertising you do. They postcards can be printed for 2 cents per card and postage for just 34 cents (or 25 cents if you send them bulk mail).

See some of my reminder postcard examples in the video above.

P.S. This is one method of advertising you need to do if you want to be as successful as possible. All the most successful cleaners I know do this.

Start a Holiday Referral Campaign Now

This is a referral postcard to tell about your referral program.  Click to see larger.

This is a referral postcard give the referral a special offer. Click to see larger.

Holiday cleaning is my favorite!

Maybe it’s because I love the cold weather.  I don’t know.

But I LOVE the big jobs we get during the holidays.

Want to maximize referrals this holiday?

Start your holiday referral campaign right NOW!

Sure, you’ll get “some” referrals without doing stuff like this.  But why not DOUBLE or even TRIPLE the amount of referrals you get?

Let me show you some examples of postcards we’ve sent over the years to get hundreds of referrals during the holidays.

This is side 2 that outlines what your client gets out of referring you.  Click to see larger.

This is side 2 that outlines what your client gets out of referring you. Click to see larger.

Don’t wait!  You need to get this message out to your clients and prospects NOW to get at the top of their mind.  Right now, they are in the beginning stages of planning.  Be there, smack down in front of them!

Mail a postcard or newsletter like this one out to your clients.  You’ll get MORE referrals.  And you’ll keep more of your clients coming back to you MORE often.

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