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Spring Cleaning Postcards Designed, Labeled, & Mailed For You

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Most cleaners know this…

Sending postcards to your clients and targeted neighborhoods is one of the top advertising returns.

Few things to make sure:

  1. The postcard has to educate and set your company as unique.
  1. The postcard has to look and feel professional
  1. You MUST automate this process so you’re NOT stuck printing, labeling, and taking them down to the post office yourself.

I’ve got all this solved for you…

…And you can get this done for LESS than you can get it anyone else.

See this video I made for you that explains.


P.S. Details are in the video…plus I’ll show you some killer, educational postcard designs.


Holiday Postcards that Bring NEW Clients & Get Old Clients Back

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One of the best times to be in the cleaning business…

…It’s the holiday season!

I LOVE online marketing in my cleaning business.

It’s cheap, but it has limitations.

What I found that works best is a healthy mix of both online and offline marketing.

For most of your clients, you’ll often have better success marketing to them offline.

Especially during the holiday season, this is the BEST time to do postcards.

For most of your clients, you’ll have better success marketing to them offline.

Here are some examples of great holiday postcards.

This month and next are some of the BEST months to advertise. People are getting ready for guest and they need you to help them prepare their home.

All you need to do is communicate the benefits you’ll give them and let them know how you can help meet their needs.

P.S. Yes, use this to get NEW clients. Then use this to build up your brand with your existing clients to get MORE referrals and repeat business.

Back to School Postcards for Cleaners

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Just real quick…

I’m heading out on vacation to the North Carolina mountain. Summer is a bit much in Florida with all the heat and humidity. If you’ve ever been to Florida in summer, you know what I mean.

Since summer is ending…school is coming.

Here are some postcard ideas to back to school.

* Client mailers.

* And EDDM mailers to NEW prospects.

Holiday Cleaning Postcard Ideas

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If you want MORE cleaning clients now…

And more clients calling you in January or February, I’ve got some ideas for you.

Cleaners who’ve been around for a while get it. They know how important it is to set the right marketing at the right time.

I’m going to show you some ideas for getting NEW clients now.

Plus, I’ll show you how to get repeat clients to call you back NOW and into next year all with the same offer.

P.S. I’ve been doing these kinds of offers and showing my coaching clients to do this for the past several years.

It works very well to boost business now and into the new year.

Thanksgiving Cleaning Marketing Tactics

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It’s here…

What plan do you have to get all the CLEANING BUSINESS you can during the busy holiday season?

It’s not too late!

I just shot a video for you that gives you some marketing tactics you can do RIGHT NOW to get as much business as possible before Christmas.

Check out the video above.

P.S. Don’t waste this opportunity to make all that you can before the end of the year. This is our season! Do it now!

Fall Cleaning Marketing Plan

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It’s Fall! For me, that means TWO things:

  1. The holidays are coming and I need to get my cleaning biz in gear to make bank before the end of the year. Super important to get on this now.
  1. On a personal note, winter is coming so it’ll be snowing somewhere and I’ll be able to go skiing pretty soon.

I wanted to give you some marketing ideas for this fall.

Check out these ideas I just put up for you:

I’ll show you some online marketing tactics you REALLY need to be doing right now, fall postcard ideas, EDDM postcards for fall, and one little tool to MAX OUT your upsells this holiday season.

P.S. Right now is one of the most CRUCIAL times to plan your marketing. This is the time that decides if the busy holiday season will end your year strong or weak.

Get ‘er done!

Reminder and Referral Postcards

It’s the best of both worlds.

How can you remind clients to call for cleaning AND get referrals from them at the same time?

I’ve got a simple solution for you that you’re gonna love.

In the cleaning business, the easiest way to massive profit is to concentrate on repeat and referral business.

That’s what I’ve been concentrating on in my cleaning biz…and it’s what YOU should be concentrating on in yours.

I’ve come up with a new package that will fully automate your marketing to your current clients.  The design, mailing and everything can be done for you.

These are designed in a 4×6 inch postcard format so they can be mailed with the cheaper postcard stamp.

Right now, you can get this package one of TWO ways:

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Reminder postcards and referral postcards for cleaning business

1000 glossy, 4×6 inch postcards printed for $37 or 5000 for $99 +shipping (price subject to change).

You can get as many printed as you want or you can print them yourself.

P.S. There is one thing in your business you can’t ignore…your clients. If you don’t stay in contact with them, they WILL FORGET YOU.

But remind them about what you do and success is around the corner.

Thanksgiving Cleaning Marketing Ideas

Go to to get these designed for you.

Want to end 2014 with BIG sales?

Now is the time to plan for the busiest holiday cleaning season EVER!

How do you put your company at TOP of the mind with your clients, carpet retailers, realtors, and adjusters?

Be the first to wish them Happy Holidays.

But a Christmas card won’t work!

Nope.  Instead, be the first by sending them a Thanksgiving greeting card.

Why Thanksgiving card?

* Stand out because hardly anyone sends them

* Everyone LOVES being told Thank You!

* Everyone LOVES Thanksgiving (you won’t offend anyone)

Neighborhood Marketing Webinar Replay

We had an info-packed webinar last night on neighborhood marketing for cleaning businesses.  I can’t believe I was able to cram this much into a 53 minute webinar.

Here’s the replay in case you missed it:

Here are some of the links mentioned in the webinar:

Get Your FREE Postcard here

Coaching Club Sign up page

EDDM Package Sign up page


2nd Option for Holiday Marketing

I’m letting you in on a second option for getting your holiday marketing postcards, greeting cards, and neighborhood EDDM mailers done.

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But this is SO IMPORTANT I decided to let everyone else have an opportunity to use these.

With this new option, you can even get graphic design done for you on a couple of the postcards, greeting cards, or EDDM mailers.

  • You get over 18 Thanksgiving, Christmas, and general Holiday postcards, greeting cards, and EDDM pieces
  • Download all the templates and use them when you wish (most templates are in Publisher and Photoshop Elements)
  • Graphic design professionally done for you on any TWO templates to include your logo, contact info, and change in the offer
  • Training on how to get new holiday clients using Facebook ads and Google Adwords
  • Plus get you 4 holiday newspaper ads that have gotten big returns

For more details, see option #2 below.

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Whatever you do, don’t wait.  Your clients and high-end neighborhoods are too important to neglect this busy time of year.

Watch the video below to see some of the holiday marketing examples:

Two Options to Get Holiday Marketing:

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