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5 Insider Tips Cleaners use to Get the Best Response With Email Marketing

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Dollar for dollar…

Email marketing is the BEST advertising you can do.

But there are a few tricks to getting the best response.

Watch this video or download the MP3 audio to listen later:

You’ll see how to:

    • Have people to book cleaning appointments from your emails
    • Use the subject lines to get more emails opened
    • Get email addresses from prospects and clients
    • Use the right pictures to get a better response

P.S. If you’d like to do a cheap marketing campaign that brings in thousands of dollars in business for some cleaners every month, you need to look into this.

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Commercial Cleaning Marketing Webinar Replay [Podcast #26]

Here’s the replay:

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John Braun’s Presentation at the Ice Cleaning Expo in Las Vegas [Podcast #25]

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I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have you part of what I’m doing in Hitman Advertising.

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to help cleaners all over the world grow their cleaning biz.

I thank you for helping me do what I love to do.

I want to give you the recording of a presentation I recently did at a national cleaning convention.

I’ve only given this out as a bonus to a few other clients. But I wanted to give it to you today because it goes with the subject of neighborhood marketing that we’ve been talking about lately.

You can see the video and/or download the MP3 audio and listen later.

Yes, it was recorded LIVE at the Ice Cleaning Expo.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Let your family and those around you know how much you love them today.

Google Maps Update

Getting listed on Google Map’s 3-pack and the NEW Home Services Ads by Google.

Get More High-end Cleaning Jobs When You Establish Yourself as an Authority


This is closing now!

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Here’s an interview I recently did with Anthony Smith.

Anthony helps doctors, lawyers, web-based companies, and other companies establish themselves as an authority.

Listen to what we’ve decided to do to establish local cleaners as an authority.

We are creating a cleaning book for local cleaners!  But this offer is only available to 25 cleaners, so act now.

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Imagine being able to mail your prospects a copy of your new cleaning book, or walking into a carpet store and giving them copies to give their customers…close rates and referrals will skyrocket.

If you need to add to your credibility with carpet stores, realtors, and other commercial accounts, this is a great foot in the door.

But you need to act today because we’re getting the final orders in and if you wait until tomorrow it may be too late.

REPLAY: Workshop “Planning Your Advertising”

On Tuesday night, I held a special workshop in honor of my new book, “Killer Advertising for Cleaning Businesses.”

I went a little deeper in how plan advertising for a cleaning biz.  Plus, I showed off a brand new concept for getting clients and new prospects to call in October, before the election when business is bound to be slow.

Next workshop is Tuesday, September 6th.
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Here is the REPLAY for the first workshop webinar on ad planning.

Audio MP3 recording of the Workshop webinar.

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If you have purchased my book yet, go here:

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Next workshop is Tuesday, September 6th.
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Cleaning Success Interview With Jeremy and Stefanie Overturf

Listen as I interview Jeremy and Stefanie Overturf of Overturf’s Floor and Fabric Care. Click play to listen now or click “Download” to listen later.

*To download directly from iTunes, Click Here.

I interviewed a couple who owns a cleaning business in Florida.

They started their business from scratch and built it up to be one of the biggest and most respected cleaning firms in their area.

I totally love some of the marketing they do on Facebook. When it comes to marketing to Realtors, Flooring Stores, and their current clients, they do it right.

So I had to interview them.

You’ve got to hear what these guys did to build a successful cleaning business.

How do you grow? Find out what other successful people are doing and then do what they did! It’s that easy.


Interview with a Cleaner Who Tripled His Business

Listen to the interview below:

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I interviewed Dan Traub of Four Seasons Rug Cleaning Studio.  To contact Dan about his rug program, search “California Business Coaching” on Facebook” or call 805-340-1891

Dan Traub of Ventura Rug Cleaning Studio

Dan Traub of Ventura Rug Cleaning Studio

Wish you could hear exactly how other cleaners grow their business?

That’s what this interview is all about.

I did an interview the other day with a cleaner who took his business from doing mediocre, barely struggling to get by…to a profitable, successful operation.

We talked about:

* Setting your goals

* Marketing to NEW clients

* Getting your clients to call back and refer you

* Answering the phone and selling prospects

* How adding rug cleaning services has helped growth

It’s all in this audio interview.

You can download here or listen online:

P.S.  I always learn best by hearing from others who’ve done what I want to do.  If you want to double or triple your business, this is the kind of stuff that helps.

Automate Your Marketing and Schedule with This NEW Software I Discovered [Podcast #24]

Here’s the audio version below if you’d like to download it as a podcast below:

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Templates, 1st Month FREE, and 20% Off!

But hurry, this offer ends soon.

Happy Labor Day!

I had a phone conversation over the weekend that I recorded for you.

I found out about a NEW appointment-scheduling program that will help you keep in better contact with your clients AUTOMATICALLY…

All while saving you money!

Here’s some of what this does:

* Schedules jobs from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone

* Automatic emails to your clients to remind and thank them

* Gives you the cheapest credit card processing you can get

* Provides GPS tracking of your employees on the job

* Allow your clients to schedule jobs ONLINE

* Sends reminder and thank you postcards for just 65 cents each

I also put up the MP3 download in case you want to put the audio on your phone or MP3 player to listen later.

Your client list is the MOST important and valuable part of your business. This new software gives you a no-brainer, easy way to do it and it’ll save you money.

Commercial Cleaning Marketing Replay

Download the MP3 audio of this webinar (right click and save to hard drive)

2 Options to Get in the Commercial Marketing Package:

Option #1:  Get the Commercial Package Here
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We just finished our webinar and it was a smash hit…

LOTS of killer ideas covered.

And not just how to get ANY commercial cleaning account, but the BEST commercial accounts.

I don’t plan to do one of these again for a while, so this may be your last chance this year to get this training.

Life is too short to clean for crazy people…and that also goes for crazy commercial managers (apartment mangers, etc). So instead, target your ideal prospects profitably.