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Facebook Re-Targeting for Cleaners

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Go to Ads Manager
  • Click Tools, then choose Audiences
  • Click Create Audience
  • Select Custom Audience
  • Click Website Traffic
  • Give your Custom Audience a name, choose a Website Traffic option and click Create Audience

If you’re doing ANY online marketing…

* Facebook

* Google

* Blogging

* Email Newsletters

I HIGHLY recommend you tie your efforts in with a solid re-targeting system.

See how to do it in this video.

This will allow you to follow your website visitors ALL OVER FACEBOOK.

…for weeks AFTER they leave your website.

In this video I let you watch over my shoulder while I set up a Facebook re-targeting campaign for one of my clients.

If you’re doing any marketing on Facebook, this is really valuable.

Facebook Advertising Changes

Re: Cleaning Ads on Facebook

As the holidays approach, you may want to do some Facebook ads.

BUT WAIT…Facebook changed their platform.

In all honesty, the changes aren’t too severe. But some of my clients asked me to do a quick review of how to put up a Facebook ad.

So I just shot this with some good practices on what to do.

This video will walk you through the new way of setting up a Facebook ad for your cleaning biz.

Google Adwords Update Cleaners Should Know

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One of my clients emailed me and said….

“Why are my competitor’s ads longer than mine?”

“Google changed Adwords again, that’s why”… I said.

Adwords gets many cleaners HUGE response.

4-to-1, 6-to-1, even 12-to1 returns are common.

But…you have to know their system and keep up when they change.

So I shot this video to keep you up to date on the NEW way you can create ads in Adwords.

If your ads have NOT been updated, you’re throwing away money.

See my “5 Tips for Writing Better Adwords Ads” after this new update. You’ll be surprised at how well Adwords can work when you do it right.

How to Get New Clients and Keep Loyal Clients…for $20 per Month

This is an underused method of advertising that brings in thousands of dollars in business every month for many cleaners…all for around $20 per month.

My Promise To You:

I’ll show you exactly how to make more money in the cleaning business and cheap way of getting new clients and keeping existing clients… all while only spending $20 per month.

What is this method of advertising?

Email marketing.  No, not spam email, but instead, permission based marketing.  Yes, you can design it so some people will automatically sign up for your email newsletters.  In some cases, this can be an automatic,  set-and-forget type of marketing.

Sending a regular email newsletter just like this has gotten my company over $2,500 in business with a single email. Of course, these results are after emailing our clients regularly and these results aren’t always typical.

Here’s what email will do for you:

• You’ll have the cheapest way of getting new clients and keeping existing clients.

• You NEVER have to worry about spending too much money to keep your clients.

• What else can you do with your advertising budget when you have budget to spare?

WARNING What I’m about to show you is one of the cheapest ways to capture prospects and keep existing clients.  But it by NO means should be the only marketing you do to keep your beloved clients.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND postcard and newsletter mailing to your clients…email marketing does NOT replace good mailers.  Instead, email marketing is a perfect enhancement to your client mailing program.

6 Killer Mistakes to Avoid With Email Marketing

  1. Do not send emails from outlook or your own email software
  2. Do not send emails solely for promotion.
  3. Do not allow huge gaps of time when you don’t mail them.
  4. Do not fail to put an opt in on your website.
  5. Do not forget to educate them and help them.
  6. Do not forget graphics, but every email doesn’t have to be pretty.

How to collect email addresses:

NOTE:  If you are sending emails, do it only if you have PERMISSION from the email address owner.  It is illegal to send email to anyone who has NOT given you their email address.  Do NOT purchase email addresses.  This is considered spam and will only buy you headaches.

Use an opt in box on your website:

Other ways to collect email addresses:

Opt-in box on your website for web lurkers

Special offer mentioned in snail mail newsletter for e-newsletter sign-up

Opt-in box on website for current clients

Over the phone when booking an appointment to email a confirmation

When clients fill in an authorization, leave space for email address

Give them reasons to opt-in…

Give away a FREE report

Show them an informative FREE video

Offer a coupon for dollar amount off

Give away a coupon for FREE room of carpet cleaning

KISS Principle:  Keep the opting in simple.  Only ask for their email address and possibly the first name.

What options do you have for your email newsletters?

1. You can send emails yourself.  This is the free way to do it but NOT ideal.  If you use Outlook, Gmail, or most others, you have the ability to send multiple broadcast emails.  Usually you can send around 50 emails at one time.  Any more than 50 may put your email at risk for getting red flagged for sending spam.  The downfall is that you can’t provide an automatic sign-up form on your website and users don’t have a way to automatically get off your newsletter list.  And of course, there are no auto-responder messages that can be sent automatically. This is my least recommended option.

2. FREE email services like and offer free email broadcast services.  As you may expect, these services are limited and their goal is to upgrade you to a paid status.  Some have the ability to place a sign up form on your website for automatic sign up.  However, many of the free services have a high rate of emails getting undelivered.  Also, ads are often present in the emails and none of them allow auto-responder messages to be sent.

3. Paid email services like , and offer broadcast email services.  Their rate of deliverability is usually higher than the free options.  As well, these paid services allow for auto-responder messages to be sent automatically when a user signs up for your e-newsletter.  Check with the individual provider because the specifics vary.  For example, Aweber allows for unlimited auto-responder messages, while Icontact only allows for six messages.  If you plan on using auto-responder messages (I would if I were you), check around before you sign up for a service.

FREE Email Marketing:  Yes, you can use your own email address for very small mailings under around 100 for FREE.

If you’re not a member of Constant Contact, use this link to get a 60 day FREE trial. 

Send out email newsletters based on the season.

13 Ideas For Profitable Email Marketing

1. Use Email Marketing to Build Permission-Based Lists. Prospects who give you permission to market to them are more likely to actually use your service.

2. Use a Reputable Email Delivery Service. Using a true email delivery system will get more of your emails delivered.  As well, you’ll look more professional and be abiding by the laws of email marketing.  (Examples:  Constant Contact, Aweber, Zookoda, Hitman’s New Email Autoresponder)

3. Give Web Visitors Reasons to Opt In. You must offer some sort of premium to entice visitors to give up their name and email address.

4. Avoid Spam Complaints With Consistent Mailings. Surprising as it sounds, mailing more often can reduce spam complaints.  Mail at least once every other week.

5. Autoresponders Can Be Used as Robotic Sales Agents. A sequence of contacts is a powerful way of delivering your sales message.  Set your messages up so they are delivered in automatic daily sequence.

6. Ask for the Sale in Every Email. Give valuable content your prospects want to read, but DO NOT forget to ask for the sale.

7. Use Subject Lines that Pull the Reader In. Write your subject lines so they are Personal and arouse Curiosity.

8. Start Each Email With Undeniable, Confirmed Truth. For instance, you may start with the date.  Make them say, “Oh yes, this is true.”

9.  Avoid making your email look like an ad.

10.  Send Short Emails That Creates Curiosity. The response you’re after is to get the email respondent to click the link to visit your site.

11.  Send Emails as Plain Text.  Plain text emails are delivered more often and seen as more personal.

12.  Always Honor Unsubscribe Requests. Avoid needless headaches.  An automatic email system like Constant Contact does this for you automatically.

13.  Unsubscribes will come.   People will unsubscribe.  Some will even complain they never subscribed to begin with.  Only half of your emails may get delivered.  Nonetheless, email marketing is one of the most lucrative forms of advertising you can do.

Email marketing is so cheap to use.  Use it now!

Want the printable PDF version of this blog post?

Download it by CLICKING HERE.


Coming Next Week:  Find out what gets the best response in your email marketing emails.

NEW Changes to Google Every Cleaner Should Know

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This could have BIG impact on cleaning searches on Google.

You’ll be wise for looking into this.

This can affect how your cleaning company ranks on Google’s page.

Plus, another change has already taken place in Adwords you should know about…

…it could already be affecting your click rates.

Google is always changing, so expect change.

If you want to get clients online, you need to stay on top of this.

I’ll show you what Google is up to in this video.

What’s the big motivation for Google? They want their users to have a good experience using Google…and of course…they want to make money.

Google changed big time in 2008, 2013, and now???

See for yourself.

Follow Your Website Visitors with Google Remarketing

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Ever wish there was a way to market back to your website visitors AFTER they visit your site?

You can do this even if they don’t sign up for your email newsletter.

And it happens on AUTOPILOT to almost every visitor who comes to your site.

It’s called Google Remarketing.

You can set it up in Google Adwords for usually less than $1 per click.

I shot this video that walks you through the set up step-by-step.

P.S. I’ve heard of some web developers charging $500 or more just to set this up. But I’ll show you how you can do it yourself FREE.

Worst Cleaning Website Ever

Most cleaning websites suck!

Why? Because they don’t turn traffic into buyers.

IMPORTANT: There’s a HUGE difference between a pretty website and a website that converts lurkers into cleaning clients.

I’ve seen pretty websites that don’t get calls and I’ve seen ugly websites that do get calls.

Your prospects are looking for TWO important things when they land on your site.

Find out how you can use these two important sales triggers on your cleaning website to get more sales.

See this video I just shot now.

P.S. The main hurdle you need to jump over is differentiating yourself from your competition.

If you want to charge MORE than 5 rooms for $99, you have to do some of these things.

40-to-1 Return on Cleaning Advertising

GoogleAdwordsGraphicThe graphic here to the right is how it works in a nutshell.

This is one way to do it that we’ve found to work well:

  • Your campaign should be related to a city or area of town.
  • Your ad group should be related to a specific service in that town.
  • Your ad should mention the geographical area and the service.
  • Your website should lead to a page about the service and geographical area.

Now about your keywords:

The keywords should be specific. Sure, it’s still okay to just use Carpet Cleaning as a keyword. But you’ll pay more money for shorter keyword phrases, especially popular phrases like carpet cleaning.

So instead, go after keywords like Best Carpet Cleaning in Atlanta GA (If you serviced Atlanta). Or, go after other specific cleaning services that you do and leave Carpet Cleaning out.

For example, if you do pet stain removal, go after Pet Stain Removal Atlanta.

If you do rug cleaning, here’s a specific list of 30 GREAT keywords we’ve tested and proven.

“area rug cleaning”
“rug cleaning”
“area rug cleaning YOURCITY”
“rug cleaning YOURCITY”
“area rugs cleaned”
“area rugs clean”
“rug cleaning service”
“professional rug cleaning”
“professional area rug cleaning”
“wool rug cleaning”
“wool rug cleaners”
“oriental rug cleaning”
“cotton rug cleaning”
“silk rug cleaning”
“persian rug cleaning”
“sisal rug cleaning”
“rug cleaners”
“rug cleaners YOURCITY”
“area rug cleaners”
“area rug cleaners YOURCITY”
“wool rug cleaners”
“rug odor removal”
“urine removal rug”
“rug dry cleaning”
“oriental rug cleaners”
“persian rug cleaners”
“cotton rug cleaning”
“silk rug cleaning”
“rug hand washing”
“rug washing”
“area rug washing”

***20-to-1 return on investment explained***

Some of the campaigns we’ve done have gotten over a 20-to-1 investment…Some as great as a 40-to-1 return.  But your results will differ.  Some companies that don’t do Adwords right, get little return.

That’s $4,000 for $100 spent on advertising! Now granted, that doesn’t happen on every campaign. But when it does happen, it’s great.

ONE MORE HINT: Notice the parenthesis around the keywords? When you do this, you’ll get a more refined prospect who is only looking for that keyword phrase.

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Watch this video to see NEW changes to Adwords:

New Changes to Google Adwords Cleaners Should Know

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It’s the #1 way to get in front of people who are actively looking for a cleaning company.

It’s quick. It’s fairly easy to set up.

But for some cleaners, their cost per click has sky rocketed.

For other cleaners, their cost per click has decreased and they are enjoying as much as a 25-to-1 RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

That’s $2,500 for every $50 spent.

That only happens for cleaners who are doing it right.

See this video I just shot above.

P.S. If your ad is in harmony, you could be getting a great return using Adwords.

Some cleaners are spending $5 per day and doing really well.

Cleaners Get on Google Instantly

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Is your company showing up on Google’s first page?

With the holiday cleaning season here, you NEED to be on Google (unless you’re already super busy).

There’s a way you can get on Google TODAY with just a couple hours of work and investment of as little as $30 per week.

Check out this video above.

See what’s involved and why many cleaners waste too much money on this. I’ll give you some options that will save you quite a bit.

P.S. You can get “Instant Traffic” to your cleaning website. Set it up and start getting traffic tomorrow.

P.P.S. Many cleaners spend WAY TOO MUCH MONEY doing this. I’ve saved cleaners hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars per month