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New Guide to EDDM for Cleaners

Cleaners Guide to EDDM

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EDDM is working better than ever before.

I get all kinds of questions about EDDM.  Which, if you don’t know, EDDM is the BEST way to mail to the neighborhoods you want to target.

EDDM, known as Every Door Direct Mail, remains to be one of the BEST ways to reach high-end clients in select neighborhoods.

I get all kinds of questions about EDDM, so I updated this report to answer for you…

* Which postcards work best for a cleaning business?

* How much does EDDM cost?

* What size postcards can I send?

* How many can I send at a time?

* Can I see examples of good EDDM postcards?

Some of the information here has previously only been available to paid coaching clients, but I’m giving it to you here at no charge.

See the new report above to help you use EDDM profitably.

You’ll get a good walk-thru of how EDDM works for cleaners. I updated it to show you the latest way EDDM work and give you some ideas for marketing this fall.

The newly updated report helps you use EDDM effectively in your cleaning biz. It’s free and an instant download.

Download the 16-page EDDM guide above now.

Show Your Cleaning Clients Some Love This Summer

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Here’s a video I just made for you.

It’ll give you some ideas for marketing this summer

Doing this has helped other cleaners:

* Get new clients in high-end neighborhoods

* Have a repeat client ratio at 85%

* Double their referrals

* Get HIGHER job tickets

Watch the video above.

P.S. It’s not just about getting more clients. It’s about building a valuable brand and connecting YOU with your ideal clients.

5X Return on EDDM Cleaning Postcard

Neighborhood EDDM Postcard

I sent out 2100 of these 8 x 10 inch postcards on Monday and booked 11 jobs so far.

Does EDDM work?  It works well when you do it right.

Yes, this EDDM postcard gets a great return every time I run it in my company.

And every time one of my clients run it correctly, they get a great return too…typically a 4X RETURN on their advertising investment. But results do differ and you could do better or not as well.

What makes this EDDM postcard work?

In this EDDM postcard, the message is all about SOCIAL PROOF.

The entire message is about proving to the homeowner that we have recently cleaned in their neighborhood.

We do this by putting up a picture of the house we cleaned or something in the front of their neighborhood.  In this case, we put up a picture of the neighborhood sign.

This gets ATTENTION and PROVES you were in the neighborhood!

How many times do you get a postcard with a picture of something in your neighborhood?  Seldom.

When a homeowner is thinking about hiring a service, she wants to know who her neighbors use.  This postcard tells her.

How could you make this postcard respond better?

You could include a testimonial of your client on Marcus Pointe Blvd.  To make the sales message even better, include a picture of you and your client by the testimonial.

What else was done for a better response?

We gave an offer of 3 FREE gifts with any minimum cleaning purchase.  You don’t have to give away this much, but the offers we gave strategically promote cross-selling of our other services….not just carpet cleaning.

We explained WHY we were giving the offer.

We boasted and gave specifics about our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We want them to know they can trust us.

We gave a deadline.  This offer isn’t good forever and we want them to not forget about it.

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John Braun’s Presentation at the Ice Cleaning Expo in Las Vegas [Podcast #25]

Listen or download the audio presentation below:

I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have you part of what I’m doing in Hitman Advertising.

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to help cleaners all over the world grow their cleaning biz.

I thank you for helping me do what I love to do.

I want to give you the recording of a presentation I recently did at a national cleaning convention.

I’ve only given this out as a bonus to a few other clients. But I wanted to give it to you today because it goes with the subject of neighborhood marketing that we’ve been talking about lately.

You can see the video and/or download the MP3 audio and listen later.

Yes, it was recorded LIVE at the Ice Cleaning Expo.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Let your family and those around you know how much you love them today.

Holiday Postcards that Bring NEW Clients & Get Old Clients Back

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One of the best times to be in the cleaning business…

…It’s the holiday season!

I LOVE online marketing in my cleaning business.

It’s cheap, but it has limitations.

What I found that works best is a healthy mix of both online and offline marketing.

For most of your clients, you’ll often have better success marketing to them offline.

Especially during the holiday season, this is the BEST time to do postcards.

For most of your clients, you’ll have better success marketing to them offline.

Here are some examples of great holiday postcards.

This month and next are some of the BEST months to advertise. People are getting ready for guest and they need you to help them prepare their home.

All you need to do is communicate the benefits you’ll give them and let them know how you can help meet their needs.

P.S. Yes, use this to get NEW clients. Then use this to build up your brand with your existing clients to get MORE referrals and repeat business.

NEW Neighborhood Marketing Tactic Doubles Response

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Okay, the election’s over! Now it’s time to get off our butts and go to work.

Whether your candidate won or not makes ZERO difference in your personal success.

YOU need to get up and make things happen.

The holiday season is one of our golden times to make bank.

If you want new clients, neighborhood marketing is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to do it.

Here I show you a brand new tactic.

What I’ve done is taken some of the tried-and-true neighborhood marketing concepts we used years ago and adapted it into a postcard campaign…BOOM. I was happy with the results.

P.S. Use something like this to stay one step ahead of your competition. There’s a really good chance they’re not doing anything like this.

Neighborhood Marketing on Steroids


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During a summer lull, this is the perfect advertising to test.

After decades of testing different neighborhood marketing offers and designs, we’ve found some concepts that work better than others.

This neighborhood marketing concept:

* Catches your prospect’s attention

* Makes your offer more believable with social proof

* The reader wants to read your mailer

* Targets the neighbors of your IDEAL clients

See this marketing concept that catches the attention of neighbors.

P.S. If you need ideas on targeting high-end clients, you need to see this video. It’s done with a little twiest and takes EDDM to the next level.

Holiday EDDM Gets Big Cleaning Jobs

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What if you could hand pick clients in the best neighborhoods?

If there’s one thing I’ve seen for cleaners all over the world, it’s that picking the right niche client ALWAYS gets bigger jobs.

December= Clients who REALLY want cleaning.

Now’s the perfect time for neighborhood marketing with EDDM.

I made this video for you that walks you through:

* Examples of holiday EDDM postcards that got 10-to-1 returns

* Step-by-step guide on how to do an EDDM postcard campaign

* Insider tips on what to do and not to do when sending EDDMs

* Tips for holiday offers to make high-end clients call you now

Watch the video now at the page below:

P.S. If you’ve been thinking of trying neighborhood marketing, December is one of the hottest months to do it.

But you MUST get the ball rolling right now!

Be the Neighborhood Cleaner [Get High-End Clients]


Cleaners Guide to EDDM

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This is what you may need in the middle of summer.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the 18 years I’ve been marketing my cleaning biz…it’s targeting the RIGHT client.

And there’s no better way currently to do that than with Every Door Direct Mail.

I just revised my “Step-by-Step Guide to EDDM” and I wanted to share it with you.

I’ve added lots of NEW EDDM mailer examples and shown you a few pitfalls to avoid when doing EDDM.

Enjoy. And be the neighborhood cleaner.

EDDM to Stay Busy in Winter

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How is business going so far in 2014?

Many cleaners are starting to take advantage of EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail.

In fact, some cleaners are using it VERY effectively right now to stay busy this winter.

Want to get more water damage work after a freeze?

Need to clean more area rugs?

Just want to fill up your schedule?

EDDM can help you do all that.

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