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How to Get Commercial Cleaning Clients in 3 Steps

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They’re planning their budgets now. They’re looking for you.

It’s a great time to get to commercial prospects.

So, I made this short video…

It’ll give you my 3 EASY steps to getting commercial clients.

And it’s all done in a simple, non-irritating formula that costs you as little as $2 per prospect.

Doctor offices, attorneys, churches, private schools, apartments, or ANY commercial client you want. You hand pick them.

P.S. See these 3 steps in getting top-of-mind for the commercial prospects you REALLY want.

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Cleaning Success Interview with David Hebert on Commercial Marketing

David Hebert lives in the wintery state of Massachusetts.  He uses his commercial cleaning accounts to keep his cleaning company busy throughout the winter.

In this interview, David talks about what he uses to get commercial cleaning accounts.  He talks about everything from how he gets in front of the gate-keeper to what he says once he gets there.

Listen to some of the tips he gives in this interview:

* You can download and listen later by clicking the download link above.

Commercial Cleaning Marketing Webinar Replay [Podcast #26]

Here’s the replay:

Download or listen to the audio below:

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How to Get the BEST Commercial Cleaning Accounts

When I started my cleaning biz, one of my TOP goals was to get commercial accounts.

I knew regular, predictable sales would help me build a steady business.

*** The BIG dive EVERY cleaner fears ***

What happens on Dec 26th?  Your sales dive unless you do something now.

Commercial is a great way to fill that void because many businesses have their new budget for the year open and have the money to hire you for cleaning.

Why not get in on the commercial action this January?

Getting PROFITABLE commercial work takes marketing know-how.

You need to target the RIGHT commercial account with the RIGHT message.


The Good News: 

* There ARE commercial accounts that will schedule during the day!

* They WILL hire you in January and February

* They WILL pay you within 30 days or less!

* Many of them NEED cleaning during the week 9am – 5pm.


What question do YOU have about how to get the best commercial clients?

Ask me any commercial marketing question and I’ll answer it LIVE.

I’m holding a special webinar this WEDNESDAY at 7pm central time.

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Can’t make the webinar?  Ask a question on the webinar sign-up page anyway and I’ll make sure you get the video replay of the webinar.

P.S.  Ask any question you like about how to get the BEST commercial cleaning accounts that you REALLY want.

P.P.S.  The webinar is happening this Wednesday night at 7pm central. 

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Commercial Cleaning Marketing Q&A Video

Download the MP3 audio of this webinar (right click and save to hard drive)

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Getting commercial work is one key to creating a steady cleaning biz.

It’s especially GREAT for winter for reliable income, keeping employees busy, and giving a boost to your profit margin.

Right now, I’m opening a training series specifically on “How to Get MORE Commercial Accounts.”

Here’s the replay of a Q&A webinar I did a little while ago:

You’ll get answers to the most common commercial questions:

* What are the best commercial accounts?

* How do I get a mailing list for commercial?

* 3 common mistakes to avoid

* The most profitable marketing to get commercial accounts

P.S. You’ll get to see the webinar replay and you’ll get the MP3 audio download link in case you want to download it and listen later on your smart phone.

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Commercial Marketing Examples

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If you want to target more commercial cleaning clients…

Then you’re going to LOVE the examples in the video above…

If you are targeting…

Doctor Offices
Lawyer Offices
Carpet Retailers
Retail Stores
Government Offices
…And any other commercial account you want

Then you at least need to see this video.

Commercial Cleaning Marketing


I’ve always made sure my cleaning biz was secure.

One GREAT way to stay busy is with commercial work.

Yes…I’ve been beat up at times by some commercial accounts.

Once, my assistant tech witnessed an apartment manager making childish faces at me behind my back as I justified our charges to her.

Multiples times I remember waiting months for payment.

And these same “managers” called me the same day for service!

*** And then it all changed for me ***

I learned that targeting the RIGHT commercial account with the RIGHT message made all the difference.


The GOOD News:

There ARE commercial accounts that will schedule during the day!

They WILL pay you within 30 days or less!

Many of them NEED cleaning during the week 9am – 5pm.

It’s about targeting the RIGHT commercial account with the RIGHT message.

What questions do YOU have about getting commercial cleaning clients?

Leave a reply BELOW and ask your question.

P.S.  Ask any question you like about how to get commercial cleaning business.  And then watch you email because I’ll be holding a FREE webinar soon to answer all your questions.  The recording will be available, especially to those who ask a question.

P.P.S.  The webinar will be Thursday, November 6th 8pm eastern | 7pm central | 5pm pacific.  Register FREE now at