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Spring Cleaning Marketing Plan [Download & Print]


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It’s the second most wonderful time of the year..

…Spring Cleaning!

Make sure you’re getting all you can out of it.

Here’s a report I just updated for you:

I’m giving you 31 marketing tactics you can use this spring to get more cleaning jobs.

Download it.

Print it.

Use it.

It’s FREE.

P.S. It’s all about helping you have the best spring season you’ve ever had. Take these ideas and do it.

3 Cheap Ways to Get Cleaning Jobs in Winter

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It’s still winter.

…and it’s going to last for another month and probably more.

Here’s a video I just shot for you that laser targets your EXACT ideal clients.

These are prospects who:

* Are very likely to call you

* Have the money to hire you

* Can bring you big job tickets

I’ll show you how we use the 1, 2, 3 punch to laser target our best prospects for little money.

P.S. This kind of campaign can be done in the dead of winter for as little as a few hundred dollars and yield BIG returns.

P.P.S. One of my clients used one of these tactics and got a 5000% return on his advertising investment.

Winter Marketing Plan for 2017

Just updated my Winter Marketing Plan for 2017.

Every December, I tweak this plan so it’s got the most up-to-date marketing tactics to help you stay busy in winter.

It’s FREE and it’s posted below for you.


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Also, keep watching your email. I’ll be sending out a series of Winter marketing tips over the coming weeks. And soon, I’ll be doing a Free “Winter Marketing Prep” webinar.

Thanksgiving Cleaning Postcards

FREE graphic design for Ad Club members.  That’s right, if you’re part of Hitman’s Ad Coaching Club, you get access to hundreds of ad templates (postcards, brochures, flyers, letters, and more) plus you get FREE graphic design on any ad once each month.

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After we design the postcard for you, enjoy the LOWEST COST printing available.  See examples below.

Get 1000 4 x 6 inch postcards for $43.

Get 500 4 x 6 inch postcards for $36.

Get 1000 5.5 x 8.5 inch postcards for $98.

Get 500 5.5 x 8.5 inch postcards for $75.

*Prices don’t include shipping, and prices subject to change.

If you want to speak with us live, call Theresa at 850-474-1110 Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm central.

Thanksgiving is When I Saw REAL Profit in the Cleaning Business

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Back in November 2001…merely months after September 11th.

The economy was terrible. But I needed money.

My wife gave me notice that we needed to buy a house because our current house wasn’t suitable for our one-year-old who just started walking.

I needed to come up with a QUICK $10,000 for a down payment.

This was $10k on top of all our other bills and recoup from the slow down after September 11th.

Back then, it was only me and my assistant tech on the truck.

So I put together a solid marketing plan and banged it out.

I earned the extra $10k + another $5k for cushion.

That was the first time I REALLY saw big profit in my cleaning business.

I’d only been in business for a couple years and it was the first time I saw the rewards in repeat clients, referrals, and a my sales system.

How did I do it?  First, I had a goal I needed to meet.  Second, I had a plan.

What did I do? First, I marketed to my current clients so I could:

* Get more referrals

* Make sure they called ME instead of my competition

* Implement a plan to up-sell and build for the future

And I concentrated on getting NEW clients who paid my higher prices:

* No cheap, coupon based advertising

* New clients in high-end neighborhoods

* Using predictable, profitable marketing

This is the time to make maximum profit. But you MUST be ready! NEW clients don’t come banging your door down unless you plan for them to come.

Get More High-end Cleaning Jobs When You Establish Yourself as an Authority


This is closing now!

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Here’s an interview I recently did with Anthony Smith.

Anthony helps doctors, lawyers, web-based companies, and other companies establish themselves as an authority.

Listen to what we’ve decided to do to establish local cleaners as an authority.

We are creating a cleaning book for local cleaners!  But this offer is only available to 25 cleaners, so act now.

Click Here to have your own cleaning book entirely done for you.

Imagine being able to mail your prospects a copy of your new cleaning book, or walking into a carpet store and giving them copies to give their customers…close rates and referrals will skyrocket.

If you need to add to your credibility with carpet stores, realtors, and other commercial accounts, this is a great foot in the door.

But you need to act today because we’re getting the final orders in and if you wait until tomorrow it may be too late.

Make America Clean Again!

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Like past presidential elections, this election will keep your clients glued to their televisions and political web posts.

But for your cleaning business, this election could be worse than years past.

Your clients may get so involved with the election that they put cleaning on hold.  After all, people don’t start thinking about holiday cleaning until November.

What are you doing to stay busy this October?

Why not remind them about cleaning with a humorous political ad campaign to your clients and prospects via mail, email, and Facebook?

See the “Make America Clean Again” campaign in the video above.

REPLAY: Workshop “Planning Your Advertising”

On Tuesday night, I held a special workshop in honor of my new book, “Killer Advertising for Cleaning Businesses.”

I went a little deeper in how plan advertising for a cleaning biz.  Plus, I showed off a brand new concept for getting clients and new prospects to call in October, before the election when business is bound to be slow.

Next workshop is Tuesday, September 6th.
Register Here for FREE.

Here is the REPLAY for the first workshop webinar on ad planning.

Audio MP3 recording of the Workshop webinar.

*To download directly from iTunes, Click Here.


If you have purchased my book yet, go here:

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Next workshop is Tuesday, September 6th.
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FREE Marketing Workshop for Cleaners

Killer Advertising for Cleaning Businesses BookMy new book, “Killer Advertising for Cleaning Businesses” became a best seller on Amazon!

Even better, it stayed at #1 for most of opening week.

If you haven’t got it yet, here’s the Amazon link:

When you order the paperback book now, you’ll get the Kindle edition FREE (U.S. only). Plus, you can get it before the price goes up in a few days.


I’m doing a FREE Workshop Series.

In this series I’ll be answering all your questions about the subjects in the book. As well, I’ll be showing you some enhancements to some of the tactics covered in the book like:

* Creating multiple streams of income in your cleaning biz

* EDDM mailing campaigns to target your ideal neighborhood

* Google Adwords campaigns capture people searching Google

* Client newsletter and postcards to get clients spending more with you

* Facebook ad campaigns

* Other internet and offline marketing that’s profitable for cleaners

Its absolutely Free. All you need to do is register at the link below.

Ask me any question. Get some new marketing ideas.

Until later,

John Braun
Ad Hitman

P.S. The workshop is free. But you need to register in the next few days. So if you’ve ever wanted boost the sales in your cleaning business…

Number 1 Best Selling Book on Cleaning Marketing and Advertising

Best selling book on cleaning marketingThanks for the support! I’m happy to say my book, “Killer Advertising for Cleaning Businesses,” has remained #1 mostly all week in one, and sometimes two categories.

You can download it NOW on Kindle or order the paper edition:

These FREE bonuses end after tomorrow:

* Audiobook version when it’s released.

* Never before seen video of a recent presentation I did at the Ice Cleaning Convention in Las Vegas on Every Door Direct Mail.

* Five audio downloads of interviews and LIVE presentations on getting the best commercial accounts, increasing the response to your advertising, setting goals, and more.

* Get the color, large version of one dozen of the ad examples in the book.

These bonuses have previously been included in other packages I’ve sold for $200 or more. But if you order my book by tomorrow, you get them Free.

That’s over $150 in bonuses, just for buying a $12.97 book or $9.99 kindle book.

After you order, go to: and put in your Amazon order number and you’ll be registered to get the FREE bonuses when they come out soon.

Order by tomorrow, August 19th to get in on the free bonuses.