$50 or $150 an hour Cleaning?

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How much do you make an hour cleaning?

I’m talking about the actual time from job start to finish.

This is one of the most important numbers to watch.

Why do some cleaners make $150 per hour and another cleaner in the SAME CITY makes only $50 an hour?

It has NOTHING to do with pricing by the room or square foot. It has NOTHING to do with your method of cleaning or how well you clean.

It has everything to do with POSITIONING.

See 7 ways to position your company to charge what you want.

Position yourself right and charge what you want to charge.

It’s amazing how much some cleaners charge…and how little other cleaners charge.

Don’t be the cleaner who doesn’t position your company well and goes out of business. Poor positioning is the fastest way to lose money.

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