Love Your Cleaning Clients & They’ll Never Leave

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Your cleaning business relies on keeping clients.

…And getting new clients.

February is the PERFECT time…in prep for spring.

Watch this video to see how to keep clients and get new ones.

Here’s what happens when you show your clients love:

* They’ll never use anyone else because they’re more connected to you.

* They are MORE apt to refer you in the spring.

* They’ll feel better about spending more money with you.

But wait, there’s MORE!  It runs full circle!


Here’s what happens to prospects who aren’t clients yet:

* Surrounding neighborhoods will see the love you have for your clients and want to use you.

* Online users will see how you care about your clients and want to use your cleaning service.

Realtors, Flooring Retailers, Interior Designers, and other people see it and want you too.

It’s a perfect time to do it right now, so get started!

Do this and it’ll help you prime your business for a killer SPRING.

Marketing Planning Calendar for Cleaners

Here’s a cleaning marketing calendar to give you ideas.

Click Here to Download the Calendar (PDF)

I got several requests to put together an updated marketing calendar for 2018.

So Happy New Year, here it is…

I thought this would be a good start to the year to get you thinking about how to plan your marketing.

Also, I put out my updated Winter Marketing Plan so you can see some specific examples of these tactics.

Download the FREE marketing calendar and marketing plan now at the link below.

Click Here to Download the PDF Report

Winter Marketing Plan for Cleaners 2018

Click Here to Download the PDF Report

Hope you’re having Happy Holidays.

This week, I always plan for the coming year.

1. Write down goals for next year (at least 50).

2. Write out a COMPLETE Marketing Plan!

In fact, I’ve already got a solid, proven marketing plan I want to give you.

Click the image above to download 37 winter marketing tactics.

These are tactics that work particularly well in winter when money is tight.

You can either go on vacation for two months or DO SOMETHING NOW to keep busy.

Download this PDF report now and borrow from my tested and proven marketing plan.

It’s FREE. Download it below.

Personal Help Growing Your Cleaning Business

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Personal Help Growing Your Cleaning Business in 2018

Success in your cleaning business starts now.

Would you accomplish more if you had someone push you toward success?

What if you had someone hand you ideas to get more business?

How much better would 2018 be?

Click below to watch the 10-minute video that explains how.

Business if tough to do alone. See how you can get help in your cleaning business.

How to Get Commercial Cleaning Clients in 3 Steps

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They’re planning their budgets now. They’re looking for you.

It’s a great time to get to commercial prospects.

So, I made this short video…

It’ll give you my 3 EASY steps to getting commercial clients.

And it’s all done in a simple, non-irritating formula that costs you as little as $2 per prospect.

Doctor offices, attorneys, churches, private schools, apartments, or ANY commercial client you want. You hand pick them.

P.S. See these 3 steps in getting top-of-mind for the commercial prospects you REALLY want.

Cleaners Black Friday

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Facebook Re-Targeting for Cleaners

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Go to Ads Manager
  • Click Tools, then choose Audiences
  • Click Create Audience
  • Select Custom Audience
  • Click Website Traffic
  • Give your Custom Audience a name, choose a Website Traffic option and click Create Audience

If you’re doing ANY online marketing…

* Facebook

* Google

* Blogging

* Email Newsletters

I HIGHLY recommend you tie your efforts in with a solid re-targeting system.

See how to do it in this video.

This will allow you to follow your website visitors ALL OVER FACEBOOK.

…for weeks AFTER they leave your website.

In this video I let you watch over my shoulder while I set up a Facebook re-targeting campaign for one of my clients.

If you’re doing any marketing on Facebook, this is really valuable.

Easy Way to Mail Holiday Cleaning Postcards

I got several questions from cleaners this past week about sending postcards.

So I wanted to clear some confusion.

There are EASIER AND CHEAPER ways to send postcards than what you may think.

Watch this video above.

You can have your postcards designed, printed, and mailed for 30 – 40 cents per home.

You can have your postcards designed, printed, and mailed for 30 – 40 cents per home.

See all this ins and outs in this video.

Get Cleaning Clients this Holiday in ANY Neighborhood

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Does neighborhood marketing work for cleaners?

Yes, when you have the right offer and message.

And here’s what’s even better….

Before the holidays, it can work REALLY well to get in high-end neighborhoods.

In fact, you can get to be the cleaner of choice in ANY neighborhood, even on a small budget.

I’ll show you proven neighborhood holiday campaigns.

You can blast an entire neighborhood for as little as 22.5 cents per house!

This even works on small budgets to get into the top neighborhoods.

P.S. It’s one of the best ways to get high-end clients that become faithful, lifelong clients.

Watch the video now.

Next Week it’s CRITICAL to Contact Cleaning Clients

This next week is critical if you want to keep your clients and get referrals.

You don’t want them calling or referring your competition on accident.

The holidays start next month, so they’re thinking STRONGLY about cleaning.

If you haven’t contacted them in the past two months, there’s a REALLY good chance they don’t remember your company name.

If your clients ever ask you for your company name when writing a check, they don’t remember.

The business card and fridge magnet you left them? They’re probably lost.


See this video of some campaigns I’ve done.

Pre-Holiday marketing is the best client retention you can do.

I’ll show you a campaign we did last year that branded our company well.

This is the time of year we rely on past clients to refer us so we can make MAX profit by the end of the year.

Here’s how to do it.