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"I'll promote your website for you!"

I finally decided to do it.

I used to refuse clients who wanted full service optimization. But then I realized many of you just don't have the time or desire to learn SEO on your own. And even worse, some of you have gotten ripped off by dishonest SEO companies that never produce SQUAT for their clients.

So I decided to offer a full program. Below are the details...

Here's What You Get With SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Done-For-You..

How much will all this cost you ask?

This depends on the size of the city you'd like to target.

WARNING: This program isn't cheap. If you're looking for a cheap alternative, choose the light SEO service I offer where you do some of the work. Click here for light seo option.

But think about how much you've spent on yellow pages ads in the past. But did the yellow pages ever produce much for you? And did they guarantee you any type of results?

Only ONE Client Per City Will Be Accepted

We'll only be accepting ONE client per city for this exclusive program. And while you're a full service SEO client, we will NOT do full service SEO for your competitors. Full service SEO takes a lot of time. So if you want to have personal help on your website optimization, act now.

This is the ideal program if you want it all done for you. And you won't have to worry because your site will be optimized by the most experienced website SEO pro in the cleaning industry.

Know that this service doesn't come cheap. But here's the good part...ranking top in Google for a large city may bring you dozens of jobs every single week.

If you're seriously interested in having the Hitman do your dirty SEO work for you, fill out the form below and he'll personally get back with you in a few days.

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  • Find out how many searches for cleaning are in your city
  • See what your BEST keywords are

* It may take up to a week to get your report

Application For Hitman's Done-For-You SEO...

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What is your current website domain name?

How does your current website rank in searches for your city?

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Which THREE cities and which services would you like to rank in? (City and State)

How old is your current website?

Older Than 5 Years 2-4 Years Old 1 Year Old or Less Don't have a current website

What is your monthly budget to invest in getting your site to rank on top?

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Not interested in done-for-you SEO? Try here for Light Website Optimization

Frequently Asked Questions

What else is included with my monthly fee?

At start-up, your site is optimized with the best keywords possible for your cleaning business. You have a HUGE advantage over other SEO Pros, because I've probably gotten more cleaning websites to the top of Google than any other SEO pro around. Most SEO Pros are too lazy to REALLY find the best keywords in each niche. Then your site goes on our full service optimization plan.

What does your full service optimization plan typically include?

Here’s some of what we usually do in the SEO plan:
You’ll get the optimizing of the keywords on your web page.  
You’ll get your site submitted to over 75 directories.
You'll get your site and information mentioned as a citation on dozens of websites.
You’ll get a video created and distributed to over 10 video sites for promotion.
You’ll get at least one press release written and distributed.
You’ll get at least 45 social media sites created to promote your site with incoming links.
You’ll get at least 15 cleaning articles written and distributed to over 40 article sites.
You’ll get at least 12 incoming links from other reputable cleaning sites in my network.
You’ll get your site bookmarked on popular bookmarking site.
You'll get your website blog posted to regularly to add fresh content to your site.
You'll get links from other local websites associated with your city.
You’ll get AREA EXCLUSIVE SEO.  I will NOT do full service SEO for another site with the same keyword phrases.

*Note: The above is a typical plan. Your plan may not include these exact items.

Do you create the best keywords for me?

All the keywords will be done for you.  I may have to ask you a few questions about your area to get this done.

How long until this program starts working?

It depends on the size of your city and which keywords you choose.  Most of the sites I've put up are in the top ten in Google within a few months (Yahoo usually takes longer).  It depends also on the age of your site and what has previously been done for SEO.  If you live in a larger city or city with lots of online competition, it will take longer to rank highly.


Is there any commitment?

Yes. We do require a six month commitment. Lots of work goes into getting a website to rank, especially at the beginning. And many times, doing SEO for less than six months isn't good for your site anyway.


What guarantee do you make for the "Full Service SEO Optimization" Program?

Most of the sites I work with are ranked in the top ten within 2-6 months. If for some reason we can't get your site to rank in the top ten of Google within six months, we'll give you a credit toward future services. However, due to the nature of labor involved in doing SEO, there are no money back guarantees. The bottom line is we'll do everything humanly possible to get Google to rank your site. But in the end it's up to Google to decide to rank your site and we have no control over when this happens. When we do SEO, your site will indeed rank. The thing is, we don't always know exactly how long ranking will take. Two to four months is a typical time frame to see top ten ranking. But some sites can take longer.

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